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Last year I all but lived in my SCOTTEVEST Evolution Jacket during CES 2010. The Evolution was perfect. As a jacket it was great for the early morning chill in Vegas and since it was from SCOTTEVEST it held a ton of gear. As the day heated up the zip-off sleeves converted the Evolution into a vest that still carried all my stuff. (Now it even carried… the sleeves!) It was great! (Hint: I bought mine when it was on sale on the SCOTTEVEST Sale Page. It is worth checking regularly as the sale item changes constantly.)

When the Evolution was discontinued some time later I was a bit bummed. I did, however, figure that something bigger and better was coming along to fill its place. I was right! This fall saw the release of the SeV Revolution Plus. The Revolution Plus has a similar look the the Evolution, offers tons of pockets (26) and the same removable sleeves. The Revolution Plus however is “the warmest SeV ever”. As such, it is not only the successor of the Evolution but it is the replacement of the Signature System. (More on that in a bit.)

I’ve had one here for a few weeks now so let’s take a look.



There was a time not too long ago when the best thing on a cold day was a hot bowl of soup… but that changed when we introduced the SeV Revolution Plus! Featuring a quilted interior, this is the warmest SeV ever. We did not compromise on any of the features you’ve come to expect: the Revolution Plus earns its bold name by concealing 26 pockets, our patented Personal Area Network (PAN), removable sleeves and a hood, all within a waterproof and breathable shell material with sealed seams. Now you can travel from vehicle to office, store to store, or even Nome, Alaska to Reykjavik all in the same stylish winter jacket.

The Revolution Plus is ideal for the winter traveler, since its multitude of pockets allow it to replace (or supplement) your carry-on while traveling, and then function as a very capable ski/snowboard jacket upon arrival. If the high-altitude sun makes things a little too warm – or if you realize you overdid it on the layering – the sleeves zip off and can be stored in one of the Rev+’s generous pockets. Because this is a jacket, it is not subject to airline rules and regulations no matter how many souvenirs you fill it with; extra bag and carry-on fees never apply to SCOTTEVESTs.

As with all SeVs, the Revolution Plus utilizes our Weight Management System with NoBulge™ pocket design to conceal the contents of your pockets, combining classic SeV features with our latest innovations. A PadPocket™ to accommodate an iPad (in sizes M and up), clear touch interior pockets (so you can see and control your iPod®/iTouch®/iPhone® right through the cloth) and our TravelSmartSystem™ of travel-oriented pockets are all built into the design. Other features include our patented Personal Area Network (PAN), secure travel document compartments, and pockets for everyday items like digital cameras, cell phones, GPS units, flashlights, change and glasses. Discreet graphic labels on some of the pockets offer suggested uses, so you don’t forget where you put things. Make winter travel easy with the new SeV Revolution Plus! The Revolution Plus Jacket is available in Black and is made of a waterproof material with sealed seams.



26 Pockets are perfect for winter travel and everyday items; includes the TravelSmartSystem™

Insulation quilted to the lining makes this the warmest SeV ever! (Lining non-removable)

Sleeves and hood are removable

Waterproof and breathable material, with critical seams sealed

Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management

Ergonomic zippers and magnetic closures

The ultimate in cold weather travel clothing: Why pay for a carry-on when you can easily wear everything you need?

Weight Management System™, NoBulge™, clear touch pockets ? see Key Features tab for full list

Sizes Medium and up can hold iPad® in PadPocket™

This video explains the difference between the new Revolution and the discontinued Evolution.

Machine Washable


I loved the Evolution. It was a great jacket when it wasn’t too cold outside. (I still like it and was wearing it just the other day!) For cold weather, however, the Revolution Plus is a winner. It has a huge number of well-thought out pockets, it is incredibly comfortable and it is WARM!!!! The day I took the above picture it was freezing cold in Pennsylvania. My head was feeling the temparature but my body was nice and toasty in the Revolution Plus. That’s because the Revolution Plus’ quilted lining makes it “the warmest SeV ever!”.

I have the SeV Signature System of a Quantum Jacket and a 5.0 Fleece thanks to Judie and last year’s SeV Holiday Season. (Now discontinued.) It is great, although the two piece system can be cumbersome and the $340 combo price was rather steep. And while I have not done a warmth comparison between the Signature System and the Revolution Plus I would put money on this new jacket being warmer than the two pieces it replaces. The Revolution Plus certainly is more convenient since it is a single piece and at $200 it is significantly less than the “warm-end product” it replaces.

Like the SeV Outback I recently reviewed, the Revolution Plus marks the next phase in the ten year-old SCOTTEVEST line. It looks a bit more refined than prior generations of SeV jackets but has even more features that make it great for both tech-aholics and travelers alike. And yes, it does hold enough that it can serve as a carry-on! 🙂 (This video shows just how much it can hold.)

With the Revolution Plus SCOTTEVEST has designed and executed another great jacket. It is warm, holds a lot without it showing, has a removable hood and removable sleeves and did I mention… it’s warm? Something tells me I’ll be wearing this particular jacket quite a bit this winter!

The Revolution Plus is available in any color you might want so long as that color is black. It is available in S, M, L, XL, XXl and XXXL. More information and sizing details can be found on the product page.

MSRP: $200

What I Like: “Typical SCOTTEVEST” but next generation design and features; zip-off sleeves make it double as a vest; removable hood for flexibility and added warmth; pockets; more pockets; even more pockets; $140 less than last season’s warmest SeV, the Signature System

What Needs Improvement: No color choices; permanent lining means this is ONLY a cold-weather jacket.

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  1. Thanks for a great review. Please post comments/questions here and I will try to answer them. Note the unlined version of this jacket will be out shortly.


  2. Joel McLaughlin | October 29, 2010 at 11:53 am |

    Great review Dan!

    I would have to try it, but I have always liked 2 layer coats. Most of this is because I am a big guy. I also like the option of stripping the top or bottom layer off to be a little cooler if I start out on a cool day and it warms up. With this coat, that is not an option, but you COULD take the fleece or any fleece and put it underneath this one and be even warmer(in the dead of winter, I need that!). So it’s really a trade off.

    One more: LOVED SEEING THE HOOD! I wish I had that when I was wearing the SeV Fleece last night taking Luke trick or treating!

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  4. Thanks Joel- I’ve now had a chance to review two of the new offerings from SCOTTEVEST and am quite impressed with both. The balance of style and function is just right. It is neat to see how the line has evolved in the last few years…

  5. Travis Ehrlich | October 30, 2010 at 8:31 am |

    I love the look of this jacket! The entire line of SeV products not only are perfect for us gear heads, but they all look fantastic! Great review!

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