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November 1, 2010 • Reviews

iPad Accessory Review: Pad Bracket iPad Mounting System


I recently purchased a treadmill so that I could continue running once the weather turn icy cold. I shopped around quite a bit and ended up with a rather high-end treadmill with all the bells and whistles. (Well, maybe not ALL but MOST of the bells and whistles.) Among the extra features are a built-in speaker system for your iPod or other media device that can get quite loud and sounds pretty good. It also has a built-in 7″ TV that can accept both cable and composite plugs. I used it yesterday for the first time with my Roku box and it worked rather well. I connected it and then screened the movie via that. I realized within a few moments, though, that there were two things I would change.

I quickly saw the limitations of such a small screen. You don’t notice it as much when you’re not moving but when you are running a 7″ screen is hard to watch. Moreover, at over 6′ 1″ the angle is such that I have to gaze down to watch. It wasn’t a huge issue but it was far from optimal.

Then I got to thinking. A 7″ screen is a bit small compared to say… the iPad’s screen. What if I mounted the iPad on the wall in front of my treadmill? Not only is the screen of the iPad larger and of far higher quality, but if I use the iPad as my media device I can watch live and recorded shows via SlingBox, watch Netflix, watch ABC through their app, watch Hulu via Hulu Plus and more. The flexibility and the number of choices that are offered if I use the iPad are astounding. All I needed was the right way to mount it…

That’s where the Pad Bracket I received for review comes in rather handy…


The Pad Bracket is…

…is a simple system for mounting your iPad to the wall. The Pad Bracket™ allows you to place your iPad™ in convenient places around your home and office.

Simply screw the Pad Bracket™ to the wall and place your iPad™ on it. Your iPad™ will sit securely in both landscape and portrait orientation.

The Pad Bracket™ is made of high quality plastic and carefully designed to hold you precious iPad safely on the wall.

The Pad Bracket is a plastic bracket that comes with two screws and two wall anchors that ensure the bracket is secured well to the wall. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes.

Among the suggested used for the Pad Bracket are…


Here’s a quick video of the installation process and initial use…

The bracket is an easy, convenient, and secure way to hang your iPad on the wall. It requires putting screws into the wall so be sure you like the location before you install it. I wish there were a color other than me being offered since a white bracket would be far less noticeable when not in use but, at least for now, the green will do just fine. The bracket is a bit on the expensive side considering what it actually is, but the design is excellent and the convenience is worth the money if you are looking for basic your way to hang your iPad without having to use a special case or a tax something to the device itself.

If that Pad Bracket sounds like something that might be of interest to you it is worth reading the accessory’s FAQ.

The Pad Bracket is available from the ClayWare Website

MSRP: $24.95

What I Like: Easy to install; holds iPad securely; can be used in landscape or portrait; easy to get iPad in and out of it

What Needs Improvement: Only comes in black; $24.95 might seem high to some for a piece of plastic

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