Review: Philips CushionSpeaker Laptop Stand

Review: Philips CushionSpeaker Laptop Stand

So I am sitting in my recliner with my 13″ MacBook Pro in my lap.  The laptop is a bit warm and the show I am watching sounds terrible through the stock speakers.  My only choice to fix these problems is to dig out a laptop cooler then find some external speakers.  How about having all of this in one cool product?  Luckily, Philips brings the CushionSpeaker to combine comfort and sound into one device.  Let’s take a look.

Review: Philips CushionSpeaker Laptop Stand

The Philips CushionSpeaker combines a laptop stand with a USB speaker device to bring a stylish all in one product.  The top of the unit is hard, white plastic providing a solid surface to hold any sized laptop or netbook.  The provided rubber stoppers can also be added to make the unit even more slip proof keeping the computer safely into position.  The underside contains a soft, tough cushion surface to add comfort while using on the lap.  The USB cable is retractable from the back of the cushion which makes using and storing the device convenient and easy.  I love the look of the unit with the white plastic top and speaker grill with light gray cushion underneath.  As an Apple fan, the simplicity and color looks great with my laptop.

Review: Philips CushionSpeaker Laptop Stand

The cushion measures, 14″ x 17″ and is 4″ thick.  Most of the thickness is due to the cushion which brings ultimate comfort.  The 19.5″ USB cable pulls out from the back and will lock into place while in use.  The length should accommodate any laptop easily.  Total weight is only 3.2 pounds which is great for a speaker, laptop stand and cushion all built into one product.

Review: Philips CushionSpeaker Laptop Stand

The speaker works as a plug and play device and should work with any machine regardless of operating system as long as it has one free USB 2.0 port.  On my Mac, I do have to change my sound settings to use the USB device, so if it does not work immediately, check the settings.  The speaker opening is angled on the front of the stand so that they are pointed toward the user while it sits in their lap.  I am not sure how the speakers are built, but the grill on the front is about 12 1/2″ long and 1 1/2 inch wide.  Despite the simplicity, the CushinSpeaker has great design and build quality.

Review: Philips CushionSpeaker Laptop Stand

The CushionSpeaker looks great and feels awesome while in use, but how is the sound?  In a word:  awesome!  I use my MacBook for a variety of media.  I watch movies from Netflix, television shows, podcasts and listen to my iTunes library.  The speakers are great to use with all of the media.  Music sounds clear and full with a true stereo sound.  Television shows and movies also sound fantastic.  The small speaker system provides just enough bass to balance out the highs and create a crisp and full sound.  Right and left channels are definitely audible on all media giving full stereo quality.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at the quality of the stereo channels.  The best way I can describe the sound is that it seems to wrap around you.  It is truly designed to be optimized while sitting in a lap.  Another great feature is that while the sound envelopes the user, it does not effect other people in the room.  It is audible, but pretty quiet.  When I first tested the unit, my wife said she could here it.  When she sat down with it on her lap she said, “wow, this sounds a lot different from right here.”  As a personal audio device I highly recommend the Philips CushionSpeaker.

For anyone who uses their laptop on a regular basis, the CushionSpeaker is a no brainer.  Why use several devices when the stand and speaker can all be built into one?  Superior audio and design quality make this a great option to use in the home.  Due to its size, I would not recommend using the cushion on a trip or places where you need to be ultra portable.  I have come to use my cushion almost everyday and love it.

Philips CushionSpeaker website

MSRP: $79.95 directly from Philips

What I like: I love the simple, elegant design and the superior audio quality.

What could be improved: Nothing found yet.

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