Review: iFrogz Vertex Headphones with Mic

Review: iFrogz Vertex Headphones with Mic

The folks at iFrogz were kind enough to send me a set of their brand new Vertex line of headphones to check out.  Will they sounds as good as they look?  Follow along for a detailed look at all the features of the Vertex Headphones.

It used to be that if you wanted a wired set of headphones with a mic, you were stuck using in ear or ear bud designs.  Several manufactures have started adding a microphone to headphones that are not ear buds now that it’s far more common to use your phone as a music device. The Vertex is one of these set of headphones.

Review: iFrogz Vertex Headphones with Mic

The nice thing about the Vertex is their construction. This set of headphones are made mostly of plastic  but it actually has a metal head band buried under all of the shiny plastic. You can see the metal when you look at the top of the headphones. This band and the rest of the plastic is very nice and glossy looking. Unfortunately, this makes them a fingerprint magnet. I wish more companies would realize that glossy may look great in renders and photos, but in day-to-day use it’s really annoying.

The cables are covered in a nice and thick rubber like coating. They are nice and thick and solid and they tend not to tangle as much. I really like it when a company pays attention to the cables as this is the biggest thing I have a problem with on most headphones. With me, the nicer the cable, the longer the life and the Vertex headphones feel like they should last a long time.

Review: iFrogz Vertex Headphones with Mic

The ear pads are very comfortable to wear for extended periods but can be a bit warm if it’s hot out.  Fortunately we’re heading towards winter here in Columbus so I will probably use these more as the weather gets colder.

The Vertex has brought many features I like to see in similar headphones.  Like I said earlier, the inline microphone seems to be one that gets missed in a lot of headsets.  More and more people are using their phone to listen to Pandora, MOG,, Slacker and other music services on the go.  While regular headphones do work in most smartphones, when you get a call things can get complicated.  With an inline mike, you just press the button and your music stops and the call comes through.

Review: iFrogz Vertex Headphones with Mic

One other feature of the headphones that makes them really nice is that they fold.  This is a must have feature on headphones like the Vertex.  When they don’t fold, they take up a lot of extra room in the bag thanks to the head band.  The Vertex headphones fold nicely and they take little space in your bag which is a great thing.  The folding feature also allows you to flip the headphones around so you can hold only one side of the headphones up to your ear like many DJ’s do.

They are well-built and have some pretty awesome features, but how do they sound?  Pretty good if you ask me.  The music had a nice level of bass and sounded clear to me.  Your mileage may vary on this, but these are among my favorites.

I think iFrogz has a great idea and it’s one I am seeing in other places as well.  I look forward to see even more designs like these.

The Vertex headphones from iFrogz are available direct from iFrogz for $49.99.

What I liked: Nice and comfortable.  Good sounds and I can easily take calls.

What I didn’t care for: A little warm to wear when it’s hot outside.

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