Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

I have developed a few preferences while gaming on my iPhone.  First, the games have to obviously be fun, but also something I can play in short spurts.  My life has become much too busy to sit around and work through levels and play for long periods of time.  About all the time available now is a minute here or two minutes there.  The IOS as a gaming platform is perfect for these types of games.  Another preference is that the games utilize Game Center.  A group of my football players have began competing pretty heavily with our Game Center games.  The new social aspect of these games is quit enjoyable.  My newest game that fits these preferences is Fruit Ninja.  If you are not scared of getting hooked, then take a look with me.

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

It is time to test your ninja skills!  The only thing better than wielding a ninja sword is using it to slice and dice flying fruit.  The object of Fruit Ninja is to slice all of the fruit that is flung into the air while avoiding bombs and beating the clock.  Four unique modes will keep the game fresh and and challenging.  Choose from Classic, Zen, Arcade and Multiplayer modes.  Compare scores and play friends with full Game Center compatibility.  To play, swipe a finger or two on the screen to slice the flying fruit.  Slice several fruits in one swipe and build bonus points.  That is it!  I had no idea it would be so addicting.

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

Classic Mode:

Classic mode is a game of three strikes.  A series of fruit mixed with bombs will continue with no time restraints.  Each piece of fruit not sliced will bring a strike.  Three strikes or slicing one bomb and the game is over.  Survive as long as possible to earn the highest score.  Be careful, the longer you survive, the more difficult avoiding the bombs is.

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

Zen Mode:

Zen mode gives the player a minute and thirty seconds to rack up as many points as possible.  There are no bombs or punishment for missing fruit.  The key to higher scores is earning as many bonus swipes as possible while trying to not miss any fruit.  This mode requires more technique and planning.  A great change from classic mode.

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

Arcade Mode:

The newly added arcade mode is a combination of classic and zen modes.  Score as many points as possible in 60 seconds.  This time there are bombs involved but they do not end the game, but simply take points away.  Keep an eye out for hidden bananas that fly across the screen.  The bananas have alternate colors and cannot be missed.  One will freeze the screen and slow the objects to a crawl which can help line up big bonus swipes.  Another will give 2X points for a few seconds.  The other banana puts the game in frenzy.  Huge numbers of fruit will fly from both sides of the screens.  Swipe fast and huge points are possible.  Arcade mode is my favorite one player mode since it is fast and furious.

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/Touch Review

Multiplayer Mode:

Multiplayer mode is the best part of Fruit Ninja.  Let the computer randomly pick a live opponent for you or play any of your Game Center friends.  Play your opponent live in a head to head, one on one fruit slicing extravaganza.  One player must slice fruit highlighted in blue while the other slices fruit in red.  Be careful not to slice an opponent’s fruit as you will lose points.  Random white fruit will come across the screen which are up for grabs for either player and are worth three points rather than the usual two.  The key to a win is being quick and accurate.  Leave no fruit unsliced!  I love this mode personally.

Fruit Ninja is proof that simple, quick game play can be both addicting and fun.  A variety of game modes keeps the player coming back and makes the game playable over and over.  I honestly did not think I would become so addicted to a game that simply is an exercise in screen swipes.  The developers have done a marvelous job of adding social aspects to the game, making it great for a group of friends.  Check out Fruit Ninja for yourself here in the app store for $.99.

What I like: Variety of game modes.  Great use of social integration.

What could be improved: I need more friends to play more often!

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