Ingear Polarize Shell iPhone 4 Case Review

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I’ve had a fun time over the last few weeks reviewing all the items ingear was kind enough to send me. Today we’ll look at the last of the bunch- the Polarize Shell for the iPhone 4. This case combines full body protection with a slick-looking design that allows the Apple fan-boy in you to show off that Apple goodness logo.

Like all the ingear cases I’ve reviewed this one also comes with a screen protection kit which includes one crystal clear screen shield, a small cleaning cloth and a card to help you install the shield.  Considering just how affordable all the ingear cases are this is truly awesome of them to do.


This case features a clear polycarbonate top and a TPU (thermoplastic) bottom. It’s available in four different colors.









Installation of the case is quite simple. Like any silicone or TPU style case you place your phone into the case button side first and then pull the corners of the case up and over the phone’s outer band. You’ll want to make sure you’ve fully cleaned both your iPhone 4 and the inside of this case before proceeding with installing it. Since this case features a partially clear back any dust or dirt will be visible once it’s on.

Once it’s on this case offers a nice amount of “lay-on-the-table” protection. You needn’t worry about placing your phone screen side down on a flat surface when it’s inside this case.


The bottom of the case features one large cutout for access to the iPhone 4’s 30-pin dock connector, speaker and main microphone.


The left side of the case features a small cutout for access to the iPhone 4’s vibrate switch. The phone’s volume buttons get covered by the case but offer up flat nubs for raising and lowering the volume. These don’t offer as much feedback as I typically like but it’s enough to get the job done.


Like the volume buttons, the sleep/awake button gets covered by the case and offers similar feedback. There’s a ample cutout for the headset jack and secondary microphone too.


On the back the clear portion of the case also features a pill-shaped cutout for the camera and LED flash.


The back of the Polarize Shell is grooved. This offers you added grip when holding the case.


The entire ingear line is composed of quality cases that each offer exciting design elements. But they don’t stop there. In addition to the clear back which allows your Apple logo to shine through the Polarize Shell offers superior grip via its grooved back. Throw in the included screen shield and a price that’s under $19 and ingear has done it again.

You can grab your own ingear Polarize Shell by visiting their website.

MSRP: $18.99

What I Liked: Shows off Apple logo. Four different color options. Good grip.

What Needs Improvement: Buttons are a little hard to press.

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