Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

Did you know the average American family now owns 24 electronic devices? Yup, 24 devices and guess how many of them are covered with smudges, grime and… worse? Pretty much all of them. And when germs are mixed in with the smudges watch out since it has been shown that germs can live on touch screen devices anywhere from 1 day to 1 month.

Take, for example, my iPad 2.

Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

That’s pretty gross isn’t it?? (And it is the reason I prefer NOT to let others handle my touchscreen devices.)

That’s what is great about the Toddy Smart Cloths.  The Smart Cloths are microfiber cloths that removes dirt, smudges and harmful grime, are protected with AEGIS Microbe Shield and have an antimicrobial coating, protecting the cloth against the microorganisms that contribute to mold, mildew and other negative effects. Here’s a rundown of how the company describes the product:


Carefully crafted cloth provides effective, scratch-free cleaning for your iDevices, screens, lenses and more, and is offered in a plethora of fashionable designs

Functional and fashionable toddy cloth built for extremely sensitive surfaces including iPhone, iPad, TV’s, glasses, cameras, etc.

Protected with the AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology – a durable, environmentally friendly way to instantly wipe away dirt and smudges

Plush microfiber material on one side and a distinctively patterned silk microfiber on the other side

No messy/damaging sprays or fluids necessary

Features an antimicrobial coating, protecting the cloth against microorganisms that contribute to mold, mildew, and other negative effects

Four different collections include a total of 42 vibrant print and pattern options, guaranteeing a trendy choice for everyone

Brand your Toddy now available, imprint your Toddy smart cloth with your own logo


A sample came yesterday and I tried it on smudgified iPad 2. After a few seconds it went from this:

Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

To this:

Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

I would say that is quite the improvement.

Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

The Toddy Smart Cloths come in an array of different designs.

Review: ToddyGear Smart Cloths

And you can even pay a bit more and get ones with your personal or company logo.

You can order your own at

$14.99 (5×7) $16.99 (9×9)

What I Like: Works great for cleaning your screen; attractive designs

What Needs Improvement: A bit pricey for what it is


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