Review: iFrogz Mogul DJ Style Headphones

Review: iFrogz Mogul DJ Style Headphones

Larry has reviewed iFrogz products many times in the past.  So when these new DJ Style headphones came up for a review I thought I would try them out.  Will I be happy using these headphones for my needs?  Let’s find out.

The 50mm drivers are housed in some pretty thick plastic.  The housing feels really nice and a step above the 2XL headphones I also use.  They are connected by a black padded band with the ends of that band being spring-loaded.  Since these are DJ style headphones, you can flip the arm and other driver to one side and hold up the opposite driver up to your ear.  That way you can here whatever is going on in the background while listening to the music.

Review: iFrogz Mogul DJ Style Headphones

These headphones can also fold up to help reduce the bulk in your bag.  This is a feature my 2XL Brickyard headphones do not have.  I really appreciate this feature as it’s one I will use a lot when I go on vacation next week.

Review: iFrogz Mogul DJ Style Headphones

I loved how thick the cables are on these headphones.  The stress relief around the plug is really strong as well.  Durable cables are always something I look for in headphones.

Not really a feature, but one thing I really enjoy about using the Moguls is the fact that they keep my ears warm.  This is a plus at this time of year because it has gotten really cold early this year.  This could be a detriment in the summer though!

Finally there’s the sound on these headphones.  After listening to my podcasts on earbuds most of the time, switching to these makes a world of difference.  The music has much better bass response.  The best of any headphones I currently have.  While not as good as some I have tried in the past, these are very good and I am really happy with how they sound.

The iFrogz Mogul DJ Style Headphones are available direct from iFrogz for $69.99 and on for $48.14.

MSRP: $69.99

What I liked: Good sound and quality construction.

What needs improvement: They tend to slide off my head at times.  At my desk at work they are fine.

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