Review: BodyGuardz Dry Apply Protector For iPhone 4

Review: BodyGuardz Dry Apply Protector For iPhone 4

Let’s face it, today’s devices are expensive and beautiful.  Unfortunately their function and uses makes it difficult to keep them looking as shiny as they were right out of the box.  It is always so disheartening when the dreaded scratch shows up on the beautiful screen of a device.  There are many ways to protect these works of beauty and a leading product is the clear protector.  They provide scratch protection while not adding bulk or changing the appearance.  There are many brands and kinds of clear protectors, but BodyGuardz has proven to be one of the leaders in the category.  Their scratch-proof transparent film coating provides maximum protection from keys and other scary surfaces.  The protectors used to only be available with a wet application process, but recently the company has introduced a dry application kit.  Here is a review of the original wet application.

I was interested in the new application process since I know several people who were intimidated by the wet application process.  They either did not have confidence that they could successfully apply the protector or the idea of spraying a liquid on their phone just did not sound appealing.  In fact, I have become the default applicator for the product in my circle of friends.  After a few applications, the process is not very difficult.  Luckily, to help with the anxiety, BodyGuardz includes two complete protectors in every package.

BodyGuardz Dry Apply now offers consumers a way to safeguard their devices from scratches and nicks with the same industry-leading BodyGuardz material – indestructible film typically used to shield the fronts of automobiles from abrasive elements and environmental impact – without the use of any water.

BodyGuardz Dry Apply features a specially formulated adhesive allowing the BodyGuardz film to dry quickly without any liquid. The films are easy to apply, repositionable before they set and leave no sticky residue if removed. Only 8 mil thick, BodyGuardz Dry Apply provides exceptional scratch protection that is UV-resistant and immediately appears clear because there is no liquid needed to dry.

BodyGuardz is the perfect Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) screen and/or body protector. It provides scratch protection from outside elements without the need of bulky cases. BodyGuardz is designed to custom fit the Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply). These invisible protectors are made from the same material that is used to shield the front of automobiles from stones and other abrasive elements.

Tough and durable, BodyGuardz for the Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) will keep your device protected from scratches. BodyGuardz is easy to apply and is designed to offer full body and/or screen protection to your device while letting the beauty and design of the Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) shine through. BodyGuardz is optically clear and remains invisible without distorting the dimension or design of your Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply). If you’re looking for a/an Apple iPhone 4 (Dry Apply) case, screen protector, cover, shield or skin, you just found it with BodyGuardz.

The BodyGuardz package includes everything needed to apply the protectors.  Two of each protection panels are provided as well as the plastic squeegee.  The package also provides the items to ensure for cleanliness.  A micro-fiber cleaning cloth for the device and wet wipe cleaner for your fingers come with the protectors.  Make sure you take the time to properly clean the device as well as your fingers to ensure a clear and perfect installation.  My recommendation is to begin with the back panel of the phone to get some practice before installing the screen protector.  To install, peel back the top portion of the protector taking great care to not touch the adhesive with your fingers.  Peel back just enough to apply on the top of the phone aligning the edges and holes.  Smooth out the portion applied and work out any bubbles.  Next, use the application card in the crease of the fold on the protector and just slide it on.  Now just work the bubbles out using the card.  Some small bubbles and haziness may remain, but will disappear after a day or so.  This is not my first application of protectors, but I did find it to be fairly straight forward and easy.  Here is a video from BodyGuardz of the application process.

Once the front and back are installed, it is time to move to the sides.  Not only will the BodyGuardz provide protection, but will also help avoid the dreaded iPhone 4 antenna issue.  The protection film is thick enough to prevent a finger from bridging the two antennas.  There are five pieces that comprise the side protection.  Make sure you check the directions to ensure each piece is in the correct position.  Side installation is much easier than the front and back since the pieces of film are so small and bubbles do not show up on the silver back ground.  I found it easiest to apply by peeling off the piece and holding it on the sides with my fingers.  I then lined up the edge where it needed to go and pressed it down with another finger.  Once the front edge was in place, I carefully aligned the strip so that it was straight.  Do not worry if your first application is not perfectly straight.  You are able to peel up the piece and reposition until perfect.  You may now use your iPhone 4 without any case and avoid a drop in signal.  Here is a video of side installation from BodyGuardz.

The time it took to complete the dry apply BodyGuardz was considerably shorter than the wet apply.  I actually preferred this method over the original.  I was just never comfortable spritzing my device with a wet solution.  I will say that no issues or problems were ever experienced using the original process which I used on several devices.  It is just nerve racking having all of that liquid on my iPhone.  I would say it took about the same amount of time to finish my entire phone as it took to finish either the front or rear panel with the old method.  The product is currently available for a variety of devices which are listed at the bottom of the post.  The simplicity of the application process should ease the anxiety some potential users may have from the wet process.  Once the film was cured, it was clear and behaved exactly as the wet application product.  The same indestructible scratch-proof surface is maintained with either version of the BodyGuardz protectors.  I am gladly recommending the product to any iPhone 4 users looking for clear scratch protection.  At $24.95 for two full body kits, you cannot go wrong with the BodyGuardz dry apply protection solution.

BodyGuardz Dry Apply Website

MSRP: $14.95 for screen only, $24.95 for complete device protection

What I like: Quick and easy installation.  Amazing scratch resistant material.

What could be improved: Some cases do not behave well with the product due to the increased thickness.

Dry apply Protectors are currently available for the following devices with new versions being added constantly.

  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 4th generation
  • Motorola Droid 2
  • BlackBerry Bold 9650
  • HTC Droid Incredible
  • HTC EVO 4G
  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Samsung Fascinate
  • Samsung Vibrant

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