Kobo’s Big End of Year Contest!

Kobo's Big End of Year Contest!

Kobo is running what they call a “Get-a-Gift” contest. Every day, you head to the site, sign in and scratch off your virtual entry card. You can win a Kobo eReader, coupons or a gift card! If you’re as hooked on lotto scratch-offs as I am, you’ll definitely like this contest! It goes from now until New Year’s Eve, so you have all week to win something. So far I’ve won 10% off one book; give it a shot and let us know in the comments if you win anything good!

Check out Kobo’s full blog post and contest rules, and then head here to enter.

We’ve all been there. After the holidays, when everything quiets, there is a bit of wistfulness that you could experience the feeling of giving and receiving all over again.

The team at Kobo thought about how we could make the last days of the year a little bit brighter for our customers, and we’ve created the Kobo Get-a-Gift contest.

From Boxing Day to New Year’s Eve, Kobo invites customers to play our instant scratch ‘n win contest to instantly WIN an eReader, eGift cards or up to 50% off eBooks.

Once you register in the contest you can PLAY DAILY and WIN daily! What’s great is every player is a winner!

Plus get a chance to win the Grand Prize draw of an eReader + $500 (US) eGift card to start your 2011 eReading library!

To enter, visit www.kobocontest.com, and register.  You can also invite up to 8 friends to enter, so they can share in the fun.

Get started now, and enjoy some post-holiday magic from Kobo.

Good Luck!

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