Samsung Galaxy Tab Case Review: Snap-On Protective Leather Case


When I’m at home I prefer to use my Galaxy Tab in the sleekest, slimmest, most lightweight form I can manage. However, I’m also a realist. With three small girls around and a dog my Tab needs some sort of protection. I keep an anti-fingerprint screen shield on the front and have been using the Snap-On Protective Leather Case on the back.

This case comes in two leather color variations. The tan color I’m personally using as well as black. I choose the tan color, which reminds me of a baseball glove, because it’s just different. I’ve got so many black cases seeing something that isn’t black is a refreshing change.



The inside of the case is lined with a soft suede material which will protect the back of the Tab while it’s inside the case.


Installation of the case is quite easy. You simply start by inserting the Tab into the bottom half of the case and then snap the top two corners on.


Once it’s on the entire back of your Tab is protected by the case except for the small cutout for the camera and flash. The leather back of the case feels soft yet ultra durable.


The bottom of the case features one large cutout for accessing the Tab’s charge and sync port as well as allowing the speaker’s unrestricted access as well.

Along the top there’s also one large cut out for the Tab’s headset jack.


Perhaps the only “odd” thing about the case is that it doesn’t cover any of the sides of the Tab. This gives you full access to the power button, volume rocker, SIM slot and micro SD slot but does leave the sides exposed. Since they’re slightly recessed this shouldn’t be much of an issue but I do prefer a little more protection in a case, even a snap-on back cover.


Since the left side is completely open the Tab’s microphone is unobstructed.


The four corners of the case are slightly raised which means the screen will be protected if you happen to lay the Tab down screen side first onto a flat surface.


The Snap-On Protective Cover from Samsung is my perfect “at-home” case. It’s small and sleek enough that it doesn’t add much to the over all shape and size of the Tab yet durable enough to provide the right amount of at home protection I need. I wish it covered more of the sides but since the Tab has so many accessible ports and buttons on its sides it makes sense to leave them easily accessible.


You can learn more about this case by visiting the Samsung Mobile web store.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Liked: Minimalistic style case, 2 color options, durable

What Needs Improvement: Little side protection

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab Case Review: Snap-On Protective Leather Case …: When I'm at home I prefer to use my Galaxy …

  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab Case Review: Snap-On Protective Leather Case …: When I'm at home I prefer to use my Galaxy …

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