Pyle Audio Drums up Partnership with Wiley to Create First Drums for Dummies Kits

Pyle Audio Drums up Partnership with Wiley to Create First Drums for Dummies Kits

For decades now, the ‘For Dummies’ book series has shown itself to be much more than just basic advice on computer and home tasks. I had done a comparative review between an ‘Idiot’s Guide’ and a ‘For Dummies’ book – on music theory, no less – and found both to be excellent resources. Now the publisher Wiley has teamed up with renowned audio product maker Pyle audio to bring drumming to the masses!

Pyle has produced two drum kits to meet the needs of users at all levels. There is the tabletop drum kit for $179.99 that features 7 pressure-sensitive drum pads, two pedals and loads of software features. There is also the $229.99 full electronic drum kit that comes with a full rack stand so you can pull up a stool and start drumming like a pro!

Here is some additional info:

Pyle Audio, manufacturers of home, car and pro audio equipment, has announced its new partnership with Wiley to create two new Drums For Dummies Kits: Electronic Tabletop Drums For Dummies™ and Electronic Drum Kit For Dummies™.

“Pyle Audio’s reputation for quality audio products and feature-rich, easy-to-use musical instruments makes the company an ideal partner for our first-ever Drums For Dummies Kits,” said Marc Mikulich, Vice President, Brand Management at Wiley. “We are thrilled to help our loyal readers learn drum skills in a hands-on way and know they’ll be pleased with the results.”

The Electronic Tabletop Drum For Dummies comes packaged with Pyle’s PTEDO5 7-pad digital drum kit, which boasts a variety of features, such as 100 pre-set songs and five editable beats allowing users to effortlessly create studio quality sound.

It comes with seven touch sensitive drum pads, two foot pedals and two drum sticks. Additionally, users can enjoy 25 pre-set drum beats, 215 percussion sounds and a USB port for users to combine their unique beats with their favorite tunes.

For users looking for a more rock-star drum set, the Electronic Drum Kit For Dummies comes packaged with Pyle’s PED07 professional drum kit, which features a drum rack that sets up just like a natural drum-set.

Other features include five natural response drum heads, two drum sticks, two foot pedals, a sound module, cables and drum lock. Of course, it also comes with the Drums For Dummies book and CD, like the Tabletop kit. Additionally, users can supplement their experiences with 11 pre-set drum beats with up to four variations, 16-bit sample sound fidelity, headphone jack, built-in metronome and a MIDI in/out cable.

“Partnering with Wiley in the popular For Dummies series further solidifies our place in the audio and musical instrument marketplace, and we couldn’t be happier,” said Abe Brach, Marketing Manager at Pyle Audio. “We not only have products for music professionals but for novices as well, and this partnership is the perfect way to help new musicians get their feet wet.”

You can find the Electronic Tabletop Drum For Dummies kit on, and the full kit will be there soon as well!

Head to Pyle Audio to keep up to date!

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  1. Michael Siebenaler | November 28, 2012 at 1:16 pm |

    Love the article comrade. I love drums…been playing ever since I was in the first grade. Never got an electronic set, but your feature is making me seriously consider it, especially considering the software. Would be great for my development and the family’s…even thinking about giving lessons. The biggest plus is the mobility so I don’t have lug my huge drum set around everywhere 🙂

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