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VIZIO is moving toward all connected televisions.


VIZIO is introducing a universal wireless HD video and audio kit sub $200. Can put about 20 Myers away from TV and it will stream the content.


They have introduced their first dual band router for video and computer wireless access.

7 and 9″ portable LCD TVs. For Mobile and auto applications.

Their new Cinematic Experience id available in 50, 58 & 71″ (240Hz) sizes starting in June.


Connect with Skype to any VIA HDTV for video chat.


Head to head video gaming on one screen, by using versus lenses. Each set has two sets of right or left glasses which allows you two people to play one another on full screen. No split.. you can see the same effect by flash either eye while wearing region 3D glasses. Is amazing!!!

On smaller panel 3DS TVs especially, viewing angle is more important.

VIZIO has over 50% of the home theater soundboard market in the US.


VIZIO tablets running Android felt heavy like an iPad, but smaller sized.

What VIZIO announcement are you most excited about?

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