Ilium Software Launches eWallet GO! – Their First App for WP7

Ilium Software Launches eWallet GO! - Their First App for WP7

Well established mobile software companies are slowly rolling out apps for Windows Phone 7.  Ilium Software, a long-standing mobile software company, has just released its first WP7 app, eWallet GO! (the ! is theirs – not [necessarily] an indication of my excitement).

eWallet is a secure information manager (password protector, etc.) that has been around for quite a few years, expanding to new platforms as they are introduced.  It’s an old favorite of many – I myself have used eWallet on several different platforms in the past.

eWallet GO! offers over 30 card templates, ranging from credit cards to website passwords to contact information. Your information is protected by 256-bit AES encryption.  Further, eWallet GO! provides backup and restoration tools.  Your information can be backed up to and restored from your Google Docs or Dropbox account.

eWallet GO! is available for just $4.99 through the Windows Phone Marketplace.  For more information, check out the product page here.

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