Track ALL of Your Packages from One Source with ROUTE


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With Amazon Prime Day coming up, you’ll potentially be ordering a lot of packages in the next few weeks. Luckily for you, there’s an app that will allow you to track not just all of your Prime Day deliveries, but every delivery you order directly from your email called ROUTE.

Track ALL of Your Packages from One Source with ROUTE

ROUTE is a one-click shopping experience for ordering online, giving users a collated list of all packages and deliveries, regardless of the merchant. Previously you had to search different sites including UPS, USPS, and FedEx to visually track your shipments. But why not just use one app for them all? This is the promise that Route wants to give its users.

Track ALL of Your Packages from One Source with ROUTE

Created by CEO Evan Walker, the app boasts a waitlist of over 35,000 fans of the app in just a few months who want an easier way of making sure that they can tell every point of shipment for their deliveries and shipments. Imagine ordering shoes from Nike, a battery pack from Amazon, and sending out a package to a potential buyer on eBay. With Route, you can monitor the delivery of them all, with less clutter and a user interface that makes apps like ‘Arrive’ and ‘Deliveries’ envy. What I found out to be great in my own personal research of the app is you can link multiple emails, so if you have a business and a personal email, all of your shipments and deliveries will be able to be tracked.

“ROUTE Plus creates a premium shopping experience for online ordering, and empowers e-comm merchants by enabling effortless shipping solutions to their customers with just a few taps,” says CEO Evan Walker. “Current ROUTE Plus merchants are seeing an 8-12% conversion increase due to higher shipping confidence. A better experience means more repeat customers and a higher ROI.”

What’s more, once the shopper adds ROUTE Plus at checkout, it activates that order within the ROUTE app, which enables one-click refunds and reorders for any packages that are damaged, lost or stolen.

Track ALL of Your Packages from One Source with ROUTE

The app itself will be available later this month to the public, however, you can reserve your username and join the wait-list by heading to this link today.

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