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This week was time for something new for the Blue Plate. I wanted something entertaining, yet entirely different. My search brought me to muBlip. It caught my eye since it was a memory game that used musical principles. As a musician, I enjoy games with a music theme but as a guitarist I have never been into guitar hero type games. muBlip uses beeps and soothing music combined with shapes to deliver an entertaining and addictive game. Let’s take a look.

muBlip is a memory game that combines musical beats and shapes. Music from para9 and Duchess Says set the mood with laid back beats.  As the levels and songs advance, the game will teach a line to remember then the player will repeat what they learned. Each phrase will combine multi-touch gestures signified with different shapes to grade both memory as well as rhythm.  There are 13 levels available, each with casual and hardcore difficulties. muBlip also includes GameCenter integration so competition among friends is possible.

The first level of the game is a tutorial, but I will give a rundown of how basic game play works. Once the music stats, the screen will turn red.  Pay close attention here as the red screen is where the beats and patterns are taught. Not only must you pay attention to the order of commands, but also listen to the beat and melody so that the timing comes out correct. This sounds easy, but becomes challenging as the levels advance. Each task will be graded for accuracy with three dots being perfect.

A time line at the top of the screen will warn the player of upcoming instructions and also help with timing on executing commands.  There are also different shapes representing different types of touch commands. Circles will require a swipe, diamonds represent a tap.  Two bars are for swipes up or down and there may be both at the same time and squares require the player to touch and hold.  Each of these commands will bring a different sound that will fit the rhythm of the music as well as add to the song’s melody or beat. Timing is just as important as memory.  You must remember what task is next and time it perfectly to match the music. After each level, a percentage grade will rank your accuracy. If the score is good enough, the hardcore mode will be unlocked for each level.

If you too are looking for something different and entertaining to pass some time on your IOS device, then give muBlip a try. The music is excellent and relaxing and the combination of memory and rhythm game is entertaining. I am slowly getting better at the game, but often have to play levels more than once as I learn the patterns and commands. The game is a must have since it is free and can be found here in the app store.

What I like: Unique and challenging game play coupled with awesome music.

What could be improved: I would like to be able to upload my own music and possibly create levels.

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