Victorinox Cuts Into the Digital World in a BIG Way


Just before I left for CES Elana got an 11″ MacBook Air and made it her main computer. I encouraged her to upgrade from the stock 64GB of storage but she said not to, after all, she does little to nothing with movies and music on her Mac so she really doesn’t need the space. I dutifully ordered the computer she said she wanted but INSISTED that she at least upgrade to 4GB of RAM. After all, with the MBA you can’t easily upgrade ANY of the components and the 4GB upgrade makes a HUGE difference.

The MBA was a good call for her since, when I met up with her here in Mexico last week she had brought it along. (When I asked before CES she told me she had no reason to bring it. She was glad she did!)

I’m not totally convinced that 64GB of storage are going to be enough for her once she really starts to use the machine. That’s why I was thrilled to find that Victorinix was giving out 32GB versions of their pocket-knife-looking USM drive.


Seriously these things are AWESOME. They look like the pocket knife you carried as a kid (or may still carry) but instead of revealing a knife blade when you open it it reveals a USB drive that has some impressive specs. The version they were giving out at CES was a 32GB drive but this drive can go up to… Wait for it… 256GB!! Seriously, the CES giveaway gives Elana a full 50% of the storage her MBA had (more actually since you don’t really start with 64GB once you take the OS into consideration) and goes up to the 256GB that my 13″ MBA has.

The drives are impressive, offer a wide range of capacities and will be offered to the public for purchase in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. They will also get confiscated at airports. Take it from me; I had one for a long time that I just loved (I think it was only an 8Gb model–this was a couple of years ago), and it got taken from me. Forewarned is forearmed, is all I’m saying. I use a Corsair Survivor now, but I still miss my Swiss Army Knife.

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