Incipio’s Bespoke Cases


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Incipio’s Bespoke Cases

While at CES, Dan gave me a code he had picked up at Incipio’s booth to create one of their “Bespoke Cases” for free. Curious about the product and the resulting case, I decided to give it a try with a picture I’d been holding onto for a while. Granted, the picture wasn’t as high resolution as I might have liked, but I thought it would be cool to see it on a case.

After downloading the Incipio Bespoke App, I went through the customization process and added my picture. Although the option was present in the app to “move and scale” photos in my library, this particular one couldn’t be manipulated enough to keep it from appearing grainy in the final product; a higher resolution photo would have prevented that.

Incipio’s Bespoke Cases

Worth mentioning is that there’s only so much room on the back of an iPhone or touch case to slide the photo around on, so it may take a few tries to make sure you have the exact size and crop you want displayed.

Incipio’s Bespoke Cases

If you’ve manipulated your photo and come up with a case you’d like to order, the price is $24.99, and Bespoke cases are available for iPhone 4 and the iPod touch.

Considering that the Incipio Feather — a very similar (if not the same) case to the one customized here — is $24.99, this seems like a really good deal. But it should be noted that the Bespoke case will not come with the Incipio Vanity Kit (two surface protectors, applicator card, and cleaning cloth) that accompany the Feather.

Incipio’s Bespoke Case Customizer

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