eBook Readers for Valentine’s Day


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eBook Readers for Valentine's Day

If you’re considering getting your loved one an ebook reader for V-Day, you’re in luck! The fine folks behind many popular ebook readers clearly think a book for Valentine’s Day is better when it comes in electronic form, and they’ve thrown together some sweet deals!

eBook Readers for Valentine's Day


Rumors that NOOKcolors were off the shelves have been greatly exaggerated. B&N is touting it as the perfect Valentine’s day gift, and they’re offering 30% off select cases if you buy between now and V-Day.

Looking to buy a NOOK WiFi or 3G instead? B&N is also offering 50% select Kate Spade cases for those devices too!

eBook Readers for Valentine's Day


The Reader Pocket Edition already comes in pink, and Sony has made it even more attractive with a price drop, from $179.99 to $129.99. It’s still steep in my opinion, but if you or your beloved are big Sony fans it’s a good deal!

eBook Readers for Valentine's Day


Bankruptcy fears? What are those? Borders has dropped the price of the Kobo WiFi to $99, which is a great price for this slim reader. And remember, this device is powered by Kobo and supports any ePUBs using Adobe Digital Editions, so you aren’t bound to Borders in the event they go down in flames.

eBook Readers for Valentine's Day


What if your loved one is more of a smartphone or tablet type? Kobo is offering up the chance to win a $500 Kobo gift card if you “gift” the free Kobo app this Valentine’s day. This could make it an EXTRA special V-Day if you win, plus you can “gift” the Kobo app to everyone you know and not go broke! Look how thoughtful you are!

eBook Readers for Valentine's Day


No deals, but the Kindle ad on the Amazon homepage has little hearts behind it.

So are you buying an ebook reader for someone this Valentine’s day? Are you hoping to receive one? Let us know!

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