Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America


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Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America Listen to this article

Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America

If you are a devotee of reality TV programming you already know about this next event-related app/app-related event, The FocusRallyApps/Ford Focus Rally: America.

Kicking off on American Idol and revisited this week on the season début of Amazing Race, the Focus Rally pits six two-person teams in brand-spanking new 2012 Ford Focus hatches driving around the country utilizing social networking to decipher a series of clues that will lead them to a grand prize of $100,000 and a new Ford Focus.

Mediafly, a market leader in multi-screen media solutions is providing applications to extend the viewership to mobile and tablet apps, was tasked with developing rich media apps allowing followers and fans to view episodes on their portable devices.

Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America

The Focus Rally campaign is one of the most innovative digital media advertising campaigns in history. Jeff Eggen, Ford Experiential Marketing Manager, explains, “We don’t have the luxury of taking seven months to build this; it has to go zero to sixty in a couple of seconds.”

“Speed is essential to Focus Rally and the success of the campaign,” explains Mediafly CEO Carson Conant. “And, being an online reality show, fans need to be able to watch episodes from anywhere at any time. Ford is a company known for innovation. The Focus Rally series is a trendsetter as both engaging entertainment and effective brand marketing. And by leveraging the power of three-screen immersive video, Ford is multiplying its marketing spend. We are glad that Mediafly’s platform helps the Focus Rally achieve its goals.”

Accelerated Media President, Lesa Bannon, adds, “We brought Mediafly into the Focus Rally project to help deliver the reach that is possible when you add in the all of the emerging Internet video devices.”

Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America

I watched the premier of this season’s Amazing Race and liked seeing its competitors climbing into 2012 Focus’ to carry them on the first leg of the race. I also could not help notice the vehicles looked very familiar. When I was in Michigan in December, Ford took us to the new plant tasked with building the new Focus and at the end of the assembly line sat what I believe were these very same vehicles I saw on TV Sunday night. Cool.

The benefit for those “Focus Followers” playing at home via the Focus Rally App is that they can help their favorite teams while also being eligible for prizes.

I watched several episodes via the app on my iPhone4 and, well … did not become a fan. But the cars look good, and I hope Ford will offer a rally package on the new Focus, similar to the vehicles used in the Ford Focus Rally: America.

And what’s up with an Aussie judging a Texas steak competition?

Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America

MSRP: Free

What I Like: The app is free, works well with no crashes on WiFi. The episodes are well produced, if a bit corny. Not inundated with advertising.

What Needs Improvement: Speaking only for myself, I don’t think I will be a follower. It also appears they get weekends off from the rally as episodes are only posted on weekdays; I have no recommendations but the reviewers on the app page have posted some comments.

Mediafly Drives Apps for Ford Reality Show: Focus Rally America

The Focus Rally began airing on Feb. 1 and can now be watched with the apps by Mediafly. The series appears to culminate on March 5. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Roku, Yahoo! Connected TV, Boxee, and more.

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