iPad Accessory News: Joule Chroma iPad Stand for iPad and iPad 2


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iPad Accessory News: Joule Chroma iPad Stand for iPad and iPad 2 Listen to this article


Of all the stands for the original iPad, Element Case’s Joule stands out as the simplest but most aesthetically pleasing iPad stand we reviewed. Here’s what I had to say about the original version:

So what do I think of the Joule? I love it. It is beautifully made and remarkably useful. It is simple yet functional. When the iPad is not inside its low profile means it won’t take up much space AND it looks good. The three angles provided by the various cuts in the back let you have your iPad at the perfect angle for whatever use you are making of the iPad at that moment. The fact that the leg is held in place by a magnet means that changing the angle takes two seconds and in each position the iPad is totally stable. When in portrait the iPad’s Home button is still accessible and the speaker is unblocked. When in landscape the iPad can be synched and charged.

Obviously this is not the right stand for someone looking to hold their iPad in the least expensive way possible. If, however, you want an iPad stand that is not only functional but also has the look and feel of fine jewelry… this is a great choice. As Elana has taught me… most of the time you get what you pay for. Yes, you will pay a good deal for this iPad stand, but what you get is awesome. Personally I love this stand. I like the look… I like the feel… I like the functionality… a lot!

Well, Element Case is back with an updated version that works with both generations of iPad. The Joule Chroma iPad Stand fits the iPad and the iPad 2, and it comes in bright, bold colors. In fact, the Chroma line offers “6 new anodized colors with a stunning satin, deep luster finish paired with a plush color matched Ultrasuede™ liner”.

It is gorgeous. It is made in the USA. It works beautifully with the iPad in portrait or landscape. It has an MSRP of $149.99, so it is not for everybody, but if you want an iPad stand that is something between a work of art and a piece of jewelry this is the stand for you.

You can order your own here, but first check out these colors!


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