FlipStands Tablet Stand Review

FlipStands Tablet Stand Review

If there is one negative aspect about having a tablet computer, it is probably how to hold the thing. As their form factor is super handy when on the go or playing a game, it is not always easy to hold them when trying to get some real work done.

I have tried many products including cases that double as a stand, all with mixed results. Recently, I was able to check out a product called FlipStands. While it holds my iPad as several other gadgets do, the beauty is that it will work with virtually any tablet. Let’s take a look.

FlipStands Tablet Stand Review

FlipStands is a simple product that promises to help users maximize their tablet’s potential by providing a base for almost any use case. The product touts a compact, lightweight and sturdy design being constructed of ABS plastic. The stand actually look like a small tablet when all folded up.

FlipStands Tablet Stand Review

When the product is closed, simply press the release button and open to use. The stand includes 20 micro adjustments to provide the perfect viewing angle for any occasion. Moving the back tab will adjust the viewing angle of the tablet. Two tabs pop out easily to hold the computer in place and keep it safe. While in any of the upright positions, the FlipStands can be used in both landscape and portrait providing an easily viewable and workable surface.

FlipStands Tablet Stand Review

As I have discovered, the product works amazingly well when pairing with a Bluetooth keyboard. I actually wrote this entire post on my iPad utilizing the Apple bluetooth keyboard along with the FlipStands. The combination is really interesting and probably better than most small laptops. In fact, this product might have just made my iPad even more useable for me while at work.

For anyone who likes to use their onboard keyboard while working on a tablet, the FlipStands also configures into a dedicated typing position. To use this setting, flip the two tabs up from the bottom of the inside and move the adjustment tab all the way down. This will set the tablet to an optimal height and angle to type directly on the tablet. I am actually surprised how fast I can type with the iPad at this angle.

FlipStands Tablet Stand Review

The FlipStands is a great product not only because of the 20 angle adjustments plus dedicated typing position, but also due to being usable by any tablet on the market. I have found the product to be strong in design and materials so it should last longer than the tablet. The FlipStands has found a permanent spot in my gear bag. One of my students actually thought I had some sort of small computer when I was using it. I did have one, it just also easily doubled as an iPad.


MSRP: $19.95 introductory price; regular price will be $29.95

What I Like: Small, lightweight, durable and functional; a great product at a cheap price

What Needs Improvement: Color choices and an anti-stick front material might make the product a bit more exciting

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