Mophie Powerstation Hub Is My New Go-To Travel Companion

When I used to travel, I would take numerous power adapters and cables so I could make sure my gear stayed charged. I moved to carrying an adapter with multiplied inputs, but the new mophie powerstation hub has taken things to a new level. It’s great for home but awesome for travel. Here’s why.

A non-descript black square of plastic measuring 3.31” by 3.31” by 1.16” and weighing 9oz, the $99.95 mophie powerstation hub is several products in one.

Mophie Powerstation Hub as a Wall Adapter

Extend the integrated US 110v prongs and plug the hub into the wall and it becomes a multi-adapter.

It has a fast charge 18W USB-C PD port that can be used to quickly charge your mobile device.

Also, it has two USB-A ports so you can charge two additional devices. One of the USB-A ports is chick charge 3.0 port delivering 15W  while the other is a slower 5W port. That makes three ways to physically charge devices using your cables. (This is a BYOC- Bring Your Own Cable- device.)

Mophie Powerstation Hub as an External Battery

When the hub is plugged into the wall, it can not only charge connected devices, but it also charges the hub’s internal 6,000mAh battery. Then, when you are out and about, you can plug a cable into any or all of the three ports and recharge your devices on the go.

That’s why below the three USB ports there are four LED indicator lights and a power button. Press the button, and the LEDs illuminate to let you know how much of the battery charge remains. A long press turns it on so you can charge your devices on the go.

Mophie Powerstation Hub as a Qi-enabled Charger

While the powerstation hub has three USB ports, it is also Qi-enabled and can wirelessly charge phones and other any other device compatible with the Qi system. That means you can recharge four different devices at once- three via USB and one via magic aka wireless charging. Sadly, the Qi charging only delivers 5W, so it is slower than other Qi-enabled batteries on the market. Still, to have one wall adapter that can charge three devices at once and doubles as an external battery pack that can still charge three devices via wires and also charges one device wirelessly is rather convenient.


  • Fast Charge USB-C PD: Use the USB-C PD port to recharge the powerstation hub, or use that same port to charge a device at the fastest speed possible.
  • AC Power Prongs: No cable needed to charge this powerstation. With the built-in AC power prongs, you can recharge the powerstation hub simply by plugging into any wall outlet.
  • Wireless Charging: Never fuss with cables again. Simply place you QI-enabled smartphone on the powerstation hub’s charging surface and push the button to power to your device.
  • Charge Multiple Devices: Conveniently charge multiple devices simultaneously with the two USB-A ports, USB-C PD port, and wireless charging surface.
  • Compact and Portable Design: The ultra-portable design allows the powerstation hub to fit easily in your bag so it can charge your devices anywhere.
  • Check Your Status and Save Battery: Turn the powerstation on and off with the LED Status Indicator button, or press it to display its battery levels or charge status.

In short, the mophie powerstation hub serves three different but related purposes. You can use it at home as a multi-device wall adapter. You can use it in the go as a wired external battery for up to three devices. And you can use it as a wireless charger thanks to the fact that it is Qi-enabled. It does all that for under $100!

Mophie describes it this way:

Versatile and portable, the powerstation hub is your new go-to for power. At home or in the office, foldable AC power prongs let you use the powerstation hub as a wall charger when you’re near an outlet. When you’re headed to the gym or on vacation, the built-in 6,000mAh battery keeps your smartphone charged through the day. A built-in wireless charging surface lets you use the powerstation hub as a wireless, portable battery.

If you are looking for one battery/adapter to charge multiple devices for home and travel use the mophie power station hub is the one. It’s compact size, multiple charging ports, and ability to charge wirelessly make it a terrific option. I wish the battery were a bit bigger and I’m a bit bummed the wireless charging only takes place at 5W, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is an excellent accessory and a great way to cut down on the number of different things you need to keep in your gear bag. I’m giving it a place in my daily carry and high,y recommend it. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the mophie powerstation hub

What I Like: Three wired charging ports; USB-C power offers fast charging; Internal battery for charging on the go; Wirelessly charges Qi-enabled devices

What Needs Improvement: Battery is significant but not huge: Qi charging only happens at a 5W rate

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