Maybe They’re Sponsored by Nintendo?

Maybe They’re Sponsored by Nintendo?

Here’s a head-scratcher. At a time when child obesity is climbing, and the big push is to get kids active, one homeowner’s association apparently wants kids inside glued to a PlayStation. They’re proposing banning children from playing outside without adult supervision (which, okay, I guess it’s a safety thing?), but even worse, they’re banning “skateboarding, playing games like tag, or using loud toys.” Each violation could run families $100 a pop.

What is wrong with this homeowner’s association??? Granted, the article is light on details, but this just sounds ridiculous. What constitutes “loud toys”? When my brother and I were kids, we used to play basketball in the driveway. Would the basketball be too loud? What about street hockey?

It just completely blows my mind that in a country where childhood obesity has tripled and kids are unhealthier than ever, this association is going to charge parents twice that of a new video game if their kids play OUTSIDE and get EXERCISE. Fat, slovenly kids may be unhealthy, but at least they’ll be quiet.

Does anyone have more information on this story? Is it as boneheaded as it sounds?

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