AVG Launches ‘LiveKive’ Onlive Storage System

AVG Launches 'LiveKive' Onlive Storage System

Like many folks, I make great use of DropBox for non-sensitive storage options for files I need to access from a variety of platforms. The free storage level tends to work fine for me, but I know many folks who take advantage of the reasonably priced upgrades in storage.

Now AVG, a company best known for making great malware and anti-virus products, has launched a new competitor: LiveKive. The service is similar to those offered by competitors, including backup, sync and more.

Here are the basics: Free 5GB storage account, with 25GB costing $49.99 per year, 50GB for $59.99 or ‘unlimited’ for $79.99 per year as shown below. (I put unlimited in quotes because according to the terms “In the event you chose an unlimited storage option for the AVG Paid Services, your usage of the Services if in excess of 500GB may at AVG’s sole discretion be subject to additional usage fees.”)

AVG Launches 'LiveKive' Onlive Storage System

Here is the text of the press release:

AVG Technologies, one of the leading providers of Internet and mobile security software, today launched AVG LiveKive™, a safe and reliable cloud-based storage, sync and share solution. It offers consumers a quick and easy way to access their personal information, data, files and digital content online, via multiple channels and devices.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the need to protect their personal data. By providing secure and easy automatic backup, AVG LiveKive offers users vital peace of mind, something we believe is essential for all of our customers”

AVG LiveKive has been developed to adapt to the multi-platform needs of consumers, who need to back up and store personal data and digital content remotely for seamless, anytime, anywhere access.

AVG LiveKive offers consumers a reliable and sophisticated alternative to archiving, and makes information instantly accessible. The automated syncing functionality works on both Apple and Microsoft platforms. Data can be viewed and shared from any web enabled device, including Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

AVG LiveKive offers consumers three tiers of secure encrypted storage options, ranging from a free 5GB offering, as well as two paid versions providing either 25GB or unlimited* storage.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the need to protect their personal data. By providing secure and easy automatic backup, AVG LiveKive offers users vital peace of mind, something we believe is essential for all of our customers,” said J.R. Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies.

“As the largest provider of free anti-virus, we are focusing our expertise to creating a secure ecosystem of products and services that our customers can use with confidence. Cloud-based secured storage allows customers to save and share their personal memories and data, with the knowledge they are protected by AVG’s advanced security,” added Smith.

“Our customers have told us that they know how important it is to back up their vital data including photos, videos and music, but they’ve also told us that they find it to be a chore,” added Stephen Simpson, Global Head of Consumer Propositions, AVG Technologies. “AVG LiveKive’s ‘set and forget’ feature means that consumers can have peace of mind when it comes to their valuable data. By utilizing AVG LiveKive, their important data on our secure servers can be easily recovered in the event their computers are damaged, lost or stolen.”

“The ability to access your files from any PC, Mac or even your iPhone or Android device, is where AVG LiveKive truly demonstrates its power over more traditional backup methods such as external hard drives,” commented Simpson. “The ability to share large files securely through AVG LiveKive’s Share rooms feature also enables users to overcome another obstacle when it comes to sharing files that are simply too big to send via email.”

I have already grabbed the iOS app (Universal, always nice), and also the Android app for my phone. The ability to share files so easily between platforms is always greatly appreciated.

Source: AVG via GottaBeMobile

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