Flush Puppies Let Your Doggy Be Green!

Flush Puppies Let Your Doggy Be Green!

It’s the downside of having a dog. We go through bags like crazy cleaning up after him on walks, and it’s painful to see all that plastic build up in the garbage can at the end of the week. Flush Puppies claim to have a better solution though!

According to their site:

Flush Puppies doodie bags are 100% biodegradable and flushable.  Yes, really… flushable.  Made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) – a water soluble, eco-friendly, “green” alternative to plastic – Flush Puppies are specifically made to dispose of doggie doodie down the toilet.  (It’s science, people – not voodoo!)  Unlike plastic bags or other “biodegradable” bags, Flush Puppies actually biodegrade in water and in landfills.
What you do with the bags is completely up to you — trash ‘em or flush ‘em.   But we call ‘em Flush Puppies because we think there’s enough crap going on in the environment without adding more to landfills, where your dog’s “business” will likely mummify and may not decompose at all.
It’s a very, very neat idea, and it’s relatively affordable. At $8.97 for 60 bags that’s around $0.14ish per bag. Granted, the grocery bags we use currently are free, but they aren’t environmentally friendly! Unfortunately, Flush Puppies are only recommended for pups up to 75lbs, and my fat-ass lab tips the scales at 104…but maybe this will work for you! As long as you get past the part where you have to carry the bag all the way into your house to flush it!
Check out Flush Puppies (I just love typing that name!) or order them from Amazon.

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