SugarSync Update Helps Add to Android App Market Confusion

SugarSync Update Helps Add to Android App Market Confusion

Yesterday I got a message from SugarSync, one of my favorite Cloud Storage companies. They were announcing, amongst other things, that:

Kindle Fire – SugarSync is now available for the Kindle Fire, so you can access all your files from the SugarSync Cloud.

That was great – I clicked on the link in the email, checked out the blog post, then clicked the link in the article to grab the new version and … landed at the Android Market as shown in the image below.

SugarSync Update Helps Add to Android App Market Confusion

Now don’t get me wrong – this is an excellent update to a great app. Here is some of the blog post:

Out of the box, the Fire gives you access to your books, music and videos from the Cloud and lets you download them to the device for offline access. Install SugarSync and you can do the same for all your files and folders. You can access all your files directly from the SugarSync Cloud or you can sync complete folders to your device so you can work with them on the go.

The problem? Last time I checked, in order to get apps on your Kindle Fire they need to come from the Amazon Appstore for Android. So having ONLY Android Market links is confusing and unhelpful.

And for me, this is also why the Amazon market gets pretty much ALL of my business now … it only took having to spend $10 to re-buy Touchdown for my Fire to set me straight: anything bought on Amazon works on ALL devices (well, normal Android fragmentation aside), whereas stuff bought on the Android Market works only on Android Market devices. Then there is the Nook tablet … but I think you get the point – if a developer can’t get this right in the PR for a major release for the biggest selling Android tablet ever, how are consumers supposed to deal with this situation?

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  1. If it accepts pen input, and accurate pen input, then yes. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

    It would be the ultimate system for college students, take easy
    notes, draw, play games when bored… only concern here is battery life,
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    windows. so no real worries there.

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