Guess What Judie is Getting for Her B-Day? Orbino’s Padova Case for iPad 2


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Guess What Judie is Getting for Her B-Day? Orbino’s Padova Case for iPad 2 Listen to this article


Judie’s birthday is coming up fast and selecting something she will love is not easy. Well, usually it is not easy but this year it was a no brainer and, thanks to Orbino, we are going all out on this year’s gift. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago we did some “secret shopping” with Orbino. We had worked with them in the past and were not thrilled with the customer service. We had heard from Orbino’s Michael Ventre and he challenged us to go shopping again. We did and after changing our order a few times we concluded that their customer service was now on par with the gorgeous leather cases.

In the process we got a good look at Orbino’s new Padova case for the iPad 2. It is gorgeous! As the company explains,

Orbino cloaks your iPad 2 in this sleek hand engineered case. Our artisans carefully make this case in premium leather throughout, and close it with several dozen hand stitches.

Special features include:

A protective flap with invisible magnetic closure

A flap doubles as a viewing pedestal in both horizontal and vertical orientation

A Brushed metal home button

Orbino’s patented removable spring-loaded typing stand in polished brushed metal for typing at the ideal angle

An Optional removable shoulder strap for easy transport

A Unique form-fitting design stitched entirely by hand in Italy with premium high tensile waxed thread

And much more.

While I fell in like with the plain black leather Padova 2 (okay, there is nothing plain about it) Judie’s taste ran a bit more… Exotic.

She could have fallen for the Padova made from Ostrich skin.


It is a bit more than 2 1/2 times the price of the Black calfskin. But Judie’s taste ran even more exotic than that.


Yes, Judie fell for the “LIMITED EDITION: Padova 2 Case in Crocodile”. It is beautiful but unlike the $209 leather case I like it is $689. That’s rather pricey but then again, this is a handstitched case made from real crocodile leather not to mention that THIS IS JUDIE!

I’ve been in touch with Michael and we have arranged for Judie to get exactly what she wants. Actually that is not entirely true. Judie is going to select the leather and color she wants and get a custom case in the process. Yes, Judie’s iPad 2 will be wrapped in a one-of-a-kind Orbino Padova case! Michael has been kind enough to let Judie pick-

a custom case in a color of crocodile skin of her choosing. Based on her selection, I will special order the skin from our tannery and she will have a one of a kind piece. I will then than take pictures of her case being produced here in our workshop in Italy (she may even notice in the pictures that we produce handbags for Gucci in the same workshop).

Thank you Michael! Thank you Orbino and most of all- Happy Birthday Judie!!!

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