JunoPower Kaebo Lightning Cable Review: Guaranteed to Last

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I’ve mentioned that Kev recently upgraded his iPhone 4S and moved to an iPhone 6, which ultimately meant a cable upgrading crisis at my house. All of Kev’s 30-pin cables had to be upgraded to Lightning, which brought him nosing around my stockpile, so I was scrambling. Fortunately, I had the JunoPower Kaebo Lightning Cable in my queue. Fancy, right?

JunoPower Kaebo Lightning Cable Review Guaranteed to Last

I love the tangle-free properties of fabric-wrapped headphones cables, and I like the wrapping on these lightning cables, too.  The Kaebo “features high strength cloth that makes it resistant to rips or tears”. The cable’s ends have an aluminum connector and a USB head which are “designed to withstand virtually any type of accidental damage.”

The JunoPower Kaebo Lightning cable measures one meter long (about three feet), and they are available in three colors made to match the iPhone 6.

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I’ve not had the best of luck with the Apple brand Lightning cables, as you may have read, but oddly enough I’ve never had an issue with the premium after-market cables I’ve reviewed. The JunoPower Kaebo cables are lovely to look at, they work well, they feel substantial, and they come with a great one year warranty against any “manufacturing defects or workmanship”; if the cable doesn’t work or breaks within the first year, then you “simply file a warranty claim with us for a replacement.” Fair enough!

JunoPower Kaebo Lightning Cables retail for $21.99, and it is available from JunoPower and AmazonJunoPower Kaebo Lightning Cable Review: Guaranteed to Last.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Three different color schemes to match the three different iPhone/iPad colors; fabric-wrapped, table-free cables with aluminum ends; one year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship issues

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — they work as stated

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