TruConnect Brings Cheap & Easy 3G to Your Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet!

TruConnect Brings Cheap & Easy 3G to Your Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet!

Last month I reviewed the TruConnect ‘pay as you go’ mobile broadband solution, saying:

TruConnect absolutely delivers on their claims of a simple device, easy setup and configuration, and clear pricing of as little as $4.99 per month. Beyond that, every person needs to make their own value judgement in terms of the data fees. For light or occasional use, you can get 250MB for less than $15 a month, but once you break 1GB of monthly data you might be better off with a full access plan. The good news is that you have no contract and no termination fees – you own the MiFi (or USB access point), so you cancel your service if your data needs become too great and move on to a larger data plan.

And to me that is where TruConnect delivers best – by providing nationwide service through Sprint, reasonably priced equipment, and a reasonably monthly and per-MB rate that works fine for moderate data usage but without ever tying you to a contract or other obligation.

Now that the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are launching, TruConnect wants to remind users of those devices that cheap 3G is within their reach! Here is the press release:

TruConnect Mobile Turns Kindle Fire into 3G Mobile Tablet

Company’s Low Cost, No Contract Mobile Internet Keeps Users Connected to Amazon Cloud Anytime, Anywhere

LOS ANGELES — November 14, 2011 — TruConnect Mobile LLC gives Kindle Fire users one more reason to cheer this holiday season, as the company’s mobile Internet service instantly turns the device into a low cost 3G mobile tablet.

Debuting at $199 – less than half the price of its competitors – the Kindle Fire is certain to be a hot ticket item this holiday season and beyond. But the Kindle Fire is WiFi only, and to be truly mobile, users are forced to add a pricey carrier data service via an external mobile hot spot that can cost upwards of $50 per month, or more than six times the tablet cost during a typical two-year contract.

TruConnect Mobile provides an alternative; a true pay-as-you-go 3G service delivered via a MiFi® 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot that costs just 3.9 cents per megabyte, plus a $4.99 monthly service access fee. There are no contracts, no cancellation fees, no wasted bandwidth and no overage charges. Consumers pay for only the data they use, for as long as they want the service.

“The Kindle Fire is so rich in features, but to take full advantage of the mobile Internet, users will need to add 3G connectivity,” said Kevin Hamilton, president and CEO of TruConnect. “TruConnect is the perfect solution because it allows users to maximize their Kindle Fire experience at a price point that they control.”

With TruConnect, Kindle Fire users can stay connected while away from the office, on the road, at the beach, at a hotel, the possibilities are endless. For more information or to register, visit

As a reminder, you can get the TruConnect MiFi for $79.99, then activate your plan for only $4.99 per month plus $0.039 per MB. As I mentioned in the review, this is NOT the plan that you will use for streaming video and loads of music, but for grabbing small apps and ebooks and light web browsing, this plan just might be the trick! I have already used mine to download a couple of ebooks while waiting for one of my kids to come out from his wrestling practice, and it is a great addition!

Head to Truconnect and check out more details!

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