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July 14, 2011 • Gear Bits, News

Sonos + Spotify = Even More Music Throughout the House


Despite using MOG quite a bit recently (It replaced RDIO for me.) I’m still a huge Slacker Radio fan. I like the interface, the customization and the catalogue. And now that you can cache music AND selectively grab tracks or albums it is just awesome. Unfortunately it still doesn’t integrate with my Sonos audio system so, at home at least, it is either MOG or Pandora.

Hopefully I’ll have yet another choice before the day is out.

Spotify went live in the US this morning and I’m waiting for my invite to arrive so I can try out the long-awaited streaming music system for myself. When it does music from spottily will be filling my house. You see, Spotify may just be rolling out today but it is already integrated with Sonos. COOL!

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