Kindle App Removes Store Links from iOS


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Amazon has updated the Kindle app to reflect Apple’s new rules, namely that you cannot link to an external store in an iOS application. Will this impact buying habits? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: we, as consumers, are losing. Spotify, Netflix, Rhapsody, NOOK, Kobo, Google Books and now the Kindle have all undergone dramatic changes that will require major adjustments to how we shop on an iOS device.

Will this change how you shop for books? Will you be holding off on updating your Kindle app? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to check out our coverage of this App Store upheaval here.

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1 Comment on "Kindle App Removes Store Links from iOS"

  1. I haven’t updated Kindle app on my iPAD, I have no need for the new “feature” so for now I’ll live with the old version.
    Truthfully it’s not a huge deal for me, as I know full well how to buy a book in the browser and there is no way I would switch, but I guess there will be some people that will be dissapointed by that and/or will be tempted to go with iBooks for convenience sake. I guess the new iOS users especially, that have no established eBooks library will find iBooks more interesting now compared to other book stores. So Apple will probably get some new users/customers, but they will also lose some.

    While I like and use my iPAD a lot, this sort of stuff just means that when I’ll be upgrading my tablet (probably some time next year) I will not consider iPad anymore, I’ll rather go with one of many Android tablets and the same goes when we’ll be buying such a device for my daughter.

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