Nightly Quiz….


So we are having dinner tonight and Elana, my NPR and talk radio-junkie wife, gives us one of the tidbits she learned while listening to NPR today. The question-

“How many different languages are in use in the world at this moment.”

I made my guess and my father-in-law thought I was way too high. (“You’re nuts.” were his exact works.) Well I wasn’t that far off.

So I ask you… How many languages (not dialects but LANGUAGES) are in use today world wide?

Don’t be lame and cheat by Googling it.


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4 Comments on "Nightly Quiz…."

  1. swisspotluck | August 11, 2011 at 6:47 pm |

    I ought to have some idea as I got a degree in Linguistics. But I have no clue. Actually, if you ask me anything about linguistics I pretty much have no clue. I guess off the top of my head without Googling would be 1237. Now I have to go Google and find out how many there are.

  2. I thought it was around 700, but I think it depends on how you define a “language”. For example, do Cantonese and Shanghaiese count as different languages, or just one? But it’s up in the hundreds, for sure. Makes you wonder.

  3. erinlindsey524 | August 12, 2011 at 12:35 am |

    maybe a couple thousand. But I might be guessing too high.

  4. 1237 seems so specific!

    I would guess around 1000.

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