Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

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Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

Washing a dog can can be an ‘adventure’ for everyone involved. If you have a small dog it generally means washing them in the sink – and getting water all over the counters and pretty much anything in the kitchen! If you have a larger dog you might use the bathtub – with similar results. Now there is a new product – the Booster Bath! We have two small dogs, so when the opportunity came up to review the ‘mini’ version of the Booster Bath we gave it a try! Read on to find out how things went and to see a video of it in action!

The Hype:

Dog owners experience the most effective, lightweight, portable and affordable dog bath that thousands have fallen in love with, the Booster Bath. Finally, no more dogs in the shower or bath tub. No more chasing dogs with a hose through the back yard. Now bath time is fun and easy! For single or multiple dogs. With Booster Bath bathing your dog will take one-fourth the time and you will feel one tenth of the hassle. Place your order now for the Booster Bath and see for yourself just how great this product really is! We know you and your pet will love and enjoy the Booster Bath for years as it is built to last a lifetime.

Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

The Reality:

When the Booster Bath arrived I got to address my first question: will this be stordy and secure enough? The Booster Bath assembled quickly and easily, with the kegs snapping firmly and securely into the tub section, and all of the accessories easily snapping in to pre-drilled holes. The tub body has a spongy textured covering that is at once comfortable for the dog and non-slip for secure footing.

Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

Security is handled by an adjustable three-point leash system with quick-release collar. This provides you the security you need but will disengage in case your dog manages to get their body over the side.

Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

There is an internal holder for soap, shampoo and whatever other accessories you might need. The Booster Bath also comes with a hose attachment fan-angle spray head that clips on the side of the tub easily.

Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

Finally, no water pools in the tub as the basin tilts slightly towards the rear where there is a hole and a six-foot hose to drain water away.

Pet Product Review: Booster Bath Mini Makes Washing Small Dogs a Breeze!

So in purely technical terms we were impressed by the Booster Bath – the materials were solid, the construction was simple and secure, and the design seemed to be done with both dog and owner in mind. The next step – put it to use!

Here is a video of the Booster Bath Mini in use, which shows all of the components and features, as well as my wife and I washing both of our dogs!

As we said in the video, the construction makes it easy to use, and even before I adjusted the straps the dog was secure and easy to manage. After adjustments there were no movement issues at all. Did we get wet? We sure did – but given that in our sink the ‘holding mechanism’ is US, we got much LESS wet than usual.

Our hose water is definitely cooler than the nice warm indoor baths we give our dogs, which is definitely something to factor into your decision. For reference our dogs are each ~12 lb Norfolk Terriers, very high energy and strong little dogs who are also very strong willed. Since fall has arrived, there is little chance we will use this again before the spring next year, but we will definitely make use of it next summer – so if you live in a warmer area or have warmer hose water, this could make a year-round solution.

Where to Buy: Booster Bath

Price: $119.00

What I Like: Very solid and secure construction; thoughtful design keeps dog safe; perfectly accessorized

What Needs Improvement: As a purely outdoors product you are at the mercy of your climate.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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