FanVision provides NFL Fans an Enhanced Stadium Experience

FanVision provides NFL Fans an Enhanced Stadium Experience

I have spent the majority of my life in stadiums. Some are big, some are small; in some I am a fan, in some was a player, and in some I am coaching. Bottom line is that I feel comfortable in a stadium. It is just who I am. My father went to high school in Houston, so while growing up we made many a trip to stay with my aunt who happened to live just a few miles from the Astrodome. By the time I was in Jr. High, I knew the dome like the back of my hand. We would come to town all summer and catch the Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon series in the outfield cheap seats. I was there for Mike Schmidt’s last home run in the Astrodome, and I was there for a heartbreak loss in the 1986 National League Championship Series against the Mets in standing room only at the top of the dome.

Out of all of the amazing games I saw and players I met (and got autographs from), there is one thing that always sticks out in my mind. One of the years, a group of middle-aged men were at every game we attended in the outfield, and we always sat behind them. Each of them wore a combo radio/headphones unit and listened to the game as they watched. It intrigued me so much when they would tell me facts and other information they were hearing from Dirk and the other announcers. I even remember one game when they told us Mark Portugal had just been traded as he was on the mound pitching for the ‘Stros! I was amazed, to say the least.

Today’s technology brings fans information even faster and with more details for sure, but my iPhone never seems to work in a stadium with thousands of other smartphones. What if a company provided a way to see multiple camera angles and replays and even watch out of market games and NFL Redzone? That service is actually available in some stadiums, and it will not require your cell phone to pick up WiFi or an any other overused signal. FanVision has developed a handheld device that allows fans with a subscription to watch 10 channels of video complete with live stats and replays.

Learn more from the company below; I think it is a revolutionary step in the stadium experience.

FanVision provides NFL Fans an Enhanced Stadium Experience

FanVision is the only provider of rich, in-venue content at live sports events—delivered right to your fingertips. It’s a whole new way to watch live sports.

Grab hold of 10 channels of sports entertainment and information, including live video, multiple camera angles, instant replays, real-time statistics, audio commentary, out-of-market games and more, available in the palms of your hands, anywhere at the stadium, the track, or on the course.

FanVision brings you inside the sport, so you never miss a touchdown, a photo finish, or an impossible shot. Welcome to a world where you’re more than just a spectator, you control how you watch. Welcome to the Inside.

FanVision provides NFL Fans an Enhanced Stadium Experience

FanVision delivers rich content via a dedicated in-venue broadcast network to your FanVision controller handheld controller , not your mobile phone. This means you don’t have to worry about poor signal or network overload. You receive the highest-quality audio and video—wherever you are inside the venue—with no downloading, no streaming, and no waiting.

There are two ways to get in. You can either purchase a FanVision controller or rent one for select events.

Since I am game planning and watching film for my high school football team’s games on weekends, I cannot make it to an NFL game. When and if I ever retire (or move to administration), I plan on making up for missed time. FanVision is something that will make those experiences not only perfect a sports guy, but even better as a tech geek and gear-head! Go check out the player and service options here at their website. You can see the current NFL markets below, and others are planned to be added soon. This is much better than the old AM radio headset!

FanVision provides NFL Fans an Enhanced Stadium Experience

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  1. I got a chance to try out FanVision at the Broncos vs. Chargers game last week.  I can’t say that I was overly impressed.  It is expensive, $150 plus $100 a year for the service.  You can only use it at the game.  I found it rather distracting to the game I was at.

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