Misfit Ups Their Tracker Offerings with Misfit Link, Plus a Price Slash on Flash and Shine!


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Misfit is an interesting tracker company. They started as an IndieGoGo project with the Misfit Shine, then they rolled out a cheaper version, the Misfit Flash, along with a smart home bulb called The Bolt. Now they’re bringing more smart home and automation features to their lineup, with new tricks for the Flash and a cheaper sibling, Flash Link!app_v2-c2fa9f7bd04eaf357cd9eed97d0860bc

This gives Misfit a decent lineup at multiple price points: Shine has dropped to $70, with a large universe of accessories and colors. Flash is now $30, which puts it solidly below similar trackers from Fitbit and Jawbone. And Flash Link, which is only available in clip form, undercuts everyone at only $20! Flash and Flash Link can also control the Bolt, which is a bit pricey but in-line with other smart bulbs at $49.99.

What’s fascinating here is that Misfit is clearly aiming to be more than just a fitness company. They realize many people don’t use wearables regularly, or that their wearables may be replaced with smartwatches down the road. So Misfit is looking for ways to offer extra features that will engage users beyond just “did I make my steps today?” Now the Flash isn’t just a consistent reminder to get up and move around, it’s also a way to take selfies, control the lights in your home, send messages, change your music, and even call your phone. Effectively, if you’ve ever longed for the automation benefits of a smartwatch without the need for notifications, Misfit just created the perfect product for you.

All this is still new and ongoing, but it sets Misfit aside in a new way. They’ve always had a goal of walking the line between style and function, and if they can smoothly add these new features it will help them carve their own path. They won’t be “kind of like a Fitbit, but cheaper”, they’ll become a device that controls and tracks what you need, when you need it. All without standing up and screaming “look how cutting edge I am”. There’s a market for that type of device, and Misfit is aiming right for it.

You can check out all of Misfit’s offerings on their website, and check the app store for Misfit’s new Link app and all the goodies and features that are coming!

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