What Your Kids Are Watching On YouTube Today: Epic Meal Time

What Your Kids Are Watching On YouTube Today: Epic Meal Time

Last week I wrote about going to the Skrillex with my 13 year old son. For good or bad, I got to hear loads of unfiltered teenage (and early 20s) discussions. Some of it made me wish I was elsewhere; much of it reinforced my decision that I be there with him throughout!

Anyway, one of the YouTube video series my kids and their friends have been consuming fiendishly as of late is ‘Epic Meal Time’. You can check out their site for more info …but basically they cook massive and disgusting meals … then eat them on-air. Generally speaking … there will be bacon strips involved. And deep frying. And cheese. Their motto? “We make your dreams come true, and then we eat them.”

So when I was in line and heard a bunch of kids start chanting ‘BACON STRIPS’ and then have other kids all over the place break out in discussion … I knew it was ‘a thing’.

Dovetailing back to dubstep, here is the Epic Meal Time “Cheesy Grilled Cheese Tower” episode featuring Sktillex’s mentor … Deadmau5!


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