iPhone 4/4S Case Review: Aranez iPhone 4 Mirage Leather Case

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Can you see a case on this iPhone? Sure you can but you have to actually look closely to see it and that is the point. Aranez’s iPhone 4 Mirage Leather Case protects the sides and back of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S yet has a low profile that all but disappears. Better still, while most minimalist cases are made entirely from synthetic materials this case has a back plate made of kangaroo leather. The company sent review units of both the black and the white version. If you like a minimalist approach when protecting your iPhone and you like leather this case is worth a serious look. Let’s see why.

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From Aranez:

The Aranez Mirage iPhone 4 Leather Case seeks to provide a unique, minimalist, and stylish design that also provides excellent protection, and supports the functionality of your iPhone 4. The case is available with either a black-leather or white-leather backing. The Aranez Mirage iPhone 4 Mirage continues to uphold the three main principles behind Aranez cases: style, protection and functionality.

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Crafted from premium high performance kangaroo leather

Slimline stylish design

Access to all buttons and charge ports

10 Year Limited Warranty

Guarantee of Quality with each case

Holds the iPhone 4 very securely

Protects the iPhone 4 from daily bumps and scratches

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What I love about this case is that, from the front, it really doesn’t look like there is a case on the phone. At the same time, since the iPhone 4S continues the iPhone 4 tradition of a back plate made of glass I love knowing that the back is protected.

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From the side you can see that only the back of the case is covered with leather. The sides are made from a clear material. It doesn’t interfere with the button layout on either the iPhone 4 or the 4S. At the same time, the case doesn’t offer any “lay on the table” protection. That is a bummer but, then again, it is easy enough to never lay your phone screen-down isn’t it?

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The side with the SIM card tray is uninterrupted. That means the case needs to be removed before you can pull out the SIM. This isn’t a big deal unless there is some reason you frequently swap SIM cards. Most people don’t.

What is not clear to me is how the clear material on both sides will hold up over time. Right now the sides look great but if, over time, they collect scratches, the “mirage” effect of not having a case will be disrupted. So far the material is actually pretty good about repelling scratches.

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The bottom is completely open so the 30-pin connector is accessible by any and all after-market cables will work. Thankfully the case is designed in such a manner that the corners are protected.

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Until now my favorite minimalist case came from INCIPIO. From the back the two cases look similar but there is a huge difference since one is made of synthetic material and the other is real kangaroo leather. Which feels better in the hand? While the INCIPIO case feels nice there is no contest when it is put up against real leather.

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The big difference between the cases becomes clear when you look at them both from the side. The INCIPIO case looks like… a case. The Aranez iPhone 4 Mirage Leather Case looks like… an iPhone. I love that and am truly enjoying this case.

The Aranez iPhone 4 Mirage Leather Case comes with a back plate in either black or white leather. You can get more details and order yours from the Aranez website.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Minimalist design but still protects the back and sides; Case all but disappears; Back plate is real Kangaroo leather; Leather cleaning kit is included

What Needs Improvement: No “lay on the table” protection; Won’t offer much if any protection in a drop; How the clear sides hold up won’t be known for some time

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