Protect Your Private Parts with LapGuard


Ah life… so many things to worry about these days. Nuclear proliferation, the economy, global warming (errr climate change), earthquakes, how Duke Basketball will do this year and now this… laptop sterility.

Yes, in addition to worrying about whether or not your cellphone is giving you a brain tumor you now need to worry about what your laptop is doing to your reproductive system. Why? Because “recent reporting suggests that radiation emitted from Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers may be harmful to your reproductive system” and this apparently holds true for men and women. That’s where Digital Innovations’ LapGuard comes in.


Here’s what the company has to say about it:

Protects You and Your Family From laptop radiation and heat! Recent reporting suggests that radiation emitted from Wi-Fi enabled laptop computers may be harmful to your reproductive system. Whether you are male or female, enjoy peace of mind and comfort with a Digital Innovations Portable LapGuard. It features patent-pending technology to shield your sensitive reproductive organs from laptop radiation and heat.


Patent-pending technology substantially reduces exposure to harmful laptop radiation and heat

USB cable organizer provides quick and easy storage

Dual whisper-quiet fans help keep laptop cool for maximum performance and longevity

USB powered for convenience

Exceptional comfort in a light, ultra-portable package

System Requirements: Available USB port

Includes: LapGuard, USB power cable and Quick Start Guide


The LapGuard is surprisingly light. The top has a metal sheet with a series of holes punched through it. Behind the larger holes are the two fans that keep things moving. This is especially important if you use a laptop that gets exceptionally hot during use.


The bottom of the LapGuard is a soft cloth material. It is quite pleasant to rest on your lap and the raised portion at the top gives you a nice angle for viewing your laptop screen and typing on its keyboard.


Hidden in the back of the LapGuard is a retractable USB cable. This can easily be pulled out and plugged into a USB port to get the fans running. One the side of the LapGuard is a dial that controls the fan speed. Even at the fastest setting the fans weren’t too noisy.

The LapGuard solves a problem I hadn’t previously considered. Now that I have, however, I’m not all too concerned anyway. Why? Simply because my MacBook Air doesn’t get all too hot and I NEVER use it on my lap. Seriously, forget the radiation issues, unless you have a chiropractor on retainer setting your laptop on your lap and trying to do any serious work on it is just crazy. The neck and back pain… OY!!

If you DO happen to work this way, however, the LapGuard might be just the thing for you. In fact, we are giving this one and two others away. Just tell us why you want one in the most serious, or humorous, manner possible but PLEASE keep in mind that we are a family site. Euphemisms are great, gratuitous bad language not so much.

The LapGuard comes in two versions. The one I have here is $49.99. The smaller, more portable one is $39.99. (We are giving away two of the large ones and one small version.) You can learn all about the LapGuard here on the company site.

MSRP: Large- $49.99; Portable- $39.99

What I Like: Comfortable to rest on your lap; Retractable USB cable lets you run the fan from your laptop; Keeps hot computers from doing damage to you

What Needs Improvement: Just the thought of why you might NEED this item creates mental pictures you just don’t want

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  1. Nice lap desk I am in the market for one to use with my 13′ MBA but I want something slim enough to put in my back pack with the MBA but also needs to be sturdy. Any recommendations?

  2. We have an aging 15.6″ laptop that generates a lot of heat. As we are still deciding on whether or not another prodigy is worth the expense we might need to hedge our bets and defend the jewels. Just saying…

  3. Okay… You made me laugh. Thank you!!!

    Written with Siri

  4. I’m interested in this because I have a laptop that gets quite hot, and this might help keep the laptop itself from overheating, since its fan intakes are on the bottom.  I’m really not concerned about the radiation.

  5. Seeing the Nut Cracker later this week. Made me think of this. 🙂

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