Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review

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Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review Listen to this article

Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review

Although it runs Windows, and I happen to be a Mac guy, I have been very happy with my HP 2140. It’s incredibly light, remarkably sturdy (thanks to its aluminum body), and it actually gets decent run time with the three cell battery and even better with the six cell. Since I swapped out the hard drive in favor of an SSD drive, the diminutive notebook has no moving parts and requires less care than most other notebooks. (Despite this I still tend to be exceptionally careful with my devices.)

One of the problems with the HP Mini note is that, in what has become an almost universal practice, it doesn’t ship with even so much as an inexpensive slipcover. Yes, the device is sturdy, but I still wouldn’t want to throw it in a bag naked.

Thanks to my friends over at Waterfield, I don’t have to.

Waterfield’s website describes the sleeve this way…

Safeguard your Sub-notebook with a properly fitted SleeveCase. Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a ballistic nylon shell, the snug fit keeps your mini laptop safe. Attaching a Shoulder Strap and Piggyback Mini turns the SleeveCase into minimalist stand alone case. And no need to take your netbook out of its snug compartment when going through airport security—it’s TSA Checkpoint Friendly.

Having now used a variety of Waterfield’s products with a wide range of devices, I can honestly say their products are fantastic. Their products are well made, the materials they use are top quality, the workmanship is always exceptional and, best of all, the cases do an excellent job of protecting your device.

Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review

The Waterfield Netbook Sleeve is a perfect fit for my device. The HP 2140 slips inside the case with ease and is neither too loose nor too tight once there. The inside of the case is a nice, soft material that ensures protection for the beautiful aluminum body. A wide, sturdy strap easily folds over the opening and Velcro secures the netbook inside.

Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review

A small open pocket on the back can hold the power cord or other small accessories. It is, as noted however, open so I wouldn’t rely on it too much.

Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review

I have a similar case for my 13 inch MacBook. I use that case on its own quite often and, as a result, I added D-rings for attaching a shoulder strap. That option is available here for a small additional charge, as well. I opted not to add D-rings to this case since I don’t plan on using it independent of a larger bag.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Waterfield Netbook Sleeve for HP 2140 Review

Prices for the Waterfield Netbook Sleeve start at $38 but adding any of the myriad options available (and there are a number including a strap and a flap) can add to the price. The size range available is tremendous so it is possible to find the right sleeve for just about any netbook.

If you are looking for a quality way to carry your netbook (or just about any portable since there are many different sizes) it is a reasonable price to pay for real protection.

What I Like –

Great build quality

Perfect fit

Soft interior offers great scratch protection

Customization options are excellent

Reasonable price for something of this quality

What Needs Improvement –

Nothing really. This is a great sleeve for any netbook!

The Netbook Sleeve (and many others) is available now at the sfbag website with an MSRP starting at $38.

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