Native Union MM 03i Bluetooth iPhone Accessory Review

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Point 1: As much as I love my iPhone using it as a phone isn’t all that comfortable. As a result, even when I’m not on the go, I will often use a headset, wired or Bluetooth, when using my iPhone for a call. In other words, if I use my iPhone a headset is a must.

Point 2: iOS 5 .0 isn’t giving me the battery life that I am used to and need. That may change with the next iOS update but for the time being it is an issue with which I need to deal. That means I need to charge my phone more often than ever. In other words, if I use my iPhone a charging dock is a must.

So what would happen if I had one device that let me dock and charge my iPhone AND gave me a handset that was more comfortable when using the iPhone for a call. And what if this device had the added benefit of reducing the cellphone radiation being shot into my head during calls? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, it is great and it goes by the name MM 03i from Native Union.

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The Hype:

Designed by the French designer David Turpin the MM 03i is a contemporary styled Bluetooth handset, finished in a luxurious black or white high- gloss texture, it has an integrated iPhone charging dock. Manufactured with a high quality speaker and microphone, it supports Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology, which lets you pair and answer calls on two different Bluetooth devices. This means that you can quickly and easily connect the MM 03i to charge and synch your iPhone and a Smartphone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a laptop for use with VOIP Internet calls such as Skype. The iPhone charger built into the base will allow you to enjoy the privilege of having your iPhone constantly in charge and the design of the handset itself will help you to enjoy the ease of use of your iPhone during communication calls. The handset is also supplied with a silicon mat designed to protect the mobile phone from wear and tear.

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My Take:

In the box you’ll find the charging base, the handset, two different inserts so you can use either the iPhone 3/3GS or the iPhone 4/4S, a wall charger with various adapters, a USB cable so you can charge the accessories directly from your computer and some cute stickers that I threw out. 🙂

Native Union also sells the MM 03 for a few dollars less than the price of the MM 03i. The MM 03 is simply the handset minus the dock/charger and is ideal for someone who uses a handset other than an iPhone. For people like me who are “all-in” with iPhone, the MM 03i is obviously preferable since it gives you all of the handset functionality of its slightly cheaper cousin but adds in the ability to dock and charge your iPhone.

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The quality of the material used in the MM 03 I is superb. It’s shiny, gloss finish looks phenomenal. It’s also heavier than one that might expect. These combine to the product looking and feeling like the high-end accessory that it is.

The handset itself is curved in a manner that is somewhat familiar if you grew up using AT&T landlines although it has a more stylized curve to it. At first I didn’t like the feel of it when I held it for a long period but now that I am used to it I’m much more satisfied.

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The ear and microphone pieces are nicely curved and more comfortable to use that they first appear.

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Inside the handset there are three buttons which allow for a number of different types of functionality. You can raise and lower the volume, pick from one of three ringtones, pick up or disconnect a phone call, and change between the two phones that are connected to the handset.

Speaking of two phones being connected at once, the Bluetooth chip in this device is Bluetooth 2.1 which means it allows for multipoint connectivity. That means two phones can be connected to it at the same time. This allows you to connect to your phone and your computer for Internet calls or it allows two people to use the same headset.

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While it isn’t the most important thing about the MM 03i, I would be remiss not to mention the fact that it simply looks cool. It has an awesome, attractive look and feel and it gets attention.


I know this because I’ve been using it in my study at the synagogue for the past month and a half and have been asked about it over and over again.

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Finally, it’s worth mentioning again the health benefits of using something like this. The handset reduces exposure to cell phone radiation by about 95%. That means that when you use the MM03 or MM03i you’re getting just 5% of what you would otherwise have spelling into your head won’t you make a call. Since the debate is still raging as to whether or not cell phone radiation is dangerous it’s hard to know just HOW important this is. Then again, since there isn’t a downside TO using it not having your cell phone near your head is pretty much a safe bet regardless isn’t it?


The Native Union MM 03i is available directly from the company or from

MSRP: $149.90 or for $145.38 in our New Gear Daily Affiliate Store

What I Like: Looks cool; Connects to two devices at once (two phones or one phone and one computer); Charges iPhones; Reduces radiation

What Needs Improvement: Some my not find the handset as comfortable as they might like

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