Pic Stitch For iPhone

Pic Stitch For iPhone

Despite owning a digital SLR, my iPhone is always one of my favorite photography tools. Many believe that the best camera to use is always the one with you. While this is certainly true and makes an easy case for iPhone photography, the phone itself is actually a good camera. Simply taking photos is usually not enough for me, I love to edit and change them using applications on my phone. It really is pretty amazing that I can take some photos, edit them and share them from virtually anywhere without a computer. Pic Stitch allows users to combine multiple photos to create stunning poster style works of art. Show before and after photos, series of shots or simply collection of favorite images using a ton of layout possibilities. Let’s take a look.

Pic Stitch For iPhone

 Features ?
32 different layouts
9 different photo aspect ratios (1×1, 4×6, 3×4, 5×7, 9×16, etc)
Export to Instagram, Dropbox, Evernote or any other installed application that will accept JPEG images.
Customize photo borders (Borders Add-On Pack only)
Easy to use UI
Pan, rotate, flip, mirror and zoom
Color, Sepia, and Black and White
Share onto Facebook
Save to photo album
Share via email
High resolution export
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What’s new

* Stickers are back and better than ever
* New Edit button allows you to re-edit photos already in the collage

Pic Stitch For iPhone
Creating photos with Pic Stitch is super simple. The first step is to choose one of the 32 different layouts.
Pic Stitch For iPhone
Double tap a pane to add a photo. Photos can be added from the camera roll as well as taken with in app camera. Once the photo is added, pinch to zoom and slide the photo to the desired position and repeat for the other windows.
Pic Stitch For iPhone
Once a photo is chosen, there is a ton of editing options. Make lighting enhancements, crop, rotate or even add effects and stickers to the photo. The effects are basically filters and one set comes standard with the free application with two other collections available for $.99 in-app purchases. Swiping the enhancement menu at the bottom of the photo toggles through all of the options. While I usually do this type of editing on other apps, the tools provided are actually quite useful.
Pic Stitch For iPhone
Basically, that is it. Rinse and repeat for each window, edit until you are happy and you will have a wonderful photo keepsake in the end. If at anytime you want to go back to a photo and edit, just tap on that photo and go to town. Double tap to replace a photo and follow the same steps as if the window was empty. There truly is no end to the customizations that can be made to any series of photos. When everything is all finished, save the photo to your photo camera roll or share directly from the app.
Pic Stitch For iPhone
Since I started using this application I actually have planned out photos during events to be included in layouts. There are many uses for the app, but I prefer to include pics from hunting season or baseball season or a special trip. I have thought about trying to catch some action shots at one of the boys’ baseball games and doing a series of swinging the bat. Now if only my iPhone would take multiple shots at once! The bottom line is that Pic Stitch is a lot of fun and includes plenty of options to make a quick and easy photo collage. For photos that need some editing and effects, the onboard features will be plenty to make each photo unique and attractive. To get started, go download Pic Stitch for FREE here in the app store.
Pic Stitch For iPhone
What I like: Lots of layouts and many photo editing options.
What could be improved: I would like to see an option to slide photos from one window to another without going back through the upload steps.

Pic Stitch For iPhone

We are all feeling the financial pinch! Blue Plate Special is a weekly review of bargain apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Nothing over $.99.

Current App Bargains
VFX Studio:
On sale from $3.99 to free.
VFX Studio is a powerful tool allowing professionals and amateurs to add a wide range of movie like visual effects to their pics !If you are a FX movie fan, share and impress your friends with amazing personal pics. If you always wanted to hold a lightsaber in your hands, blast a hudge Kamehameha, fake that your car was ruined, or your best friend’s house is on fire, or maybe a T-Rex standing in the yard, it’s now or never !If you are a film director or a post-production supervisor, VFX Studio is useful when scouting for a scene to check feasibility of a particular effect according to a specific angle before shooting.Over 200 effects, current categories are:
Pic Stitch For iPhone
Schedule Planner Pro:
On sale from $5.99 to free.
Schedule Planner PRO was developed to aide users in planning out daily activities by category and priority. Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories ranging from “Shopping” to “Health” and “Work” among others. Once a category is selected users simply input the specific nature of each time block, including when each task should be started and its overall duration. Tasks and full days can be planned in advance & viewed day-by-day via a practical graphic calendar. Furthermore, tasks are color coordinate for convenience, while the app employs an in-depth pie-chart diagram color coded to let users see how they send their time with a quick glance.The app features a practical user interface that allows users to either create day plans from scratch or by editing pre-existing plans to save time. Creating new activities is always simple to do, requiring only a few sequential steps to complete. To ensure its viability, Schedule Planner PRO allows users to edit and change the app’s settings task-by-task as well. Users can even create full event articles if they need to remember or describe the specifics of any given activity or time block at length for personal reference later. The world is busier than ever; take this opportunity to start optimizing your time and become more productive than ever before with Schedule Planner PRO today!App Features:? Ability to integrate in-app schedules with either your Google calendar or iOS calendar.
Well-rounded & multi-faceted Task Selection & Creation editor.
Ability to color code tasks by category.
Color coded diagram view option to view breakdown of how a user’s time is spent.
Pre-set Task categories by focus; Work, Meals, Health, etc.
Arrange options for lists
Swipe to switch between days
Alerts and notifications
Copy and Paste feature
Repeat feature
Pic Stitch For iPhone
Command & Conquer Red Alert For iPad:
On sale from $4.99 to $.99.
• Explosive HD Graphic Quality
• Triple-touch Selection Box
• EW 1.5X Larger Map Views
• 6 bonus Skirmish Maps and “The Rising Sun” Expansion PackSKIRMISH IN 3 DIFFERENT DIFFICULTY LEVELS
In Skirmish Mode, choose from 3 three levels of difficulty, from Easy to Hard. Enjoy a challenge that matches your RTS experience.COMMAND THE COMBAT
The reactive combat system plunges you into the action with the triple-touch Selection Box, allowing you to quickly choose and send combat units into battle. Plus, take advantage of a higher zoom level for tactical control like never before.UNBELIEVABLE QUALITY & ACTION
With awesome HD-graphic quality, including hyper-realistic avatars and pre-rendered 3D buildings, you won’t believe your eyes! The iPad game also offers a bonus of 6 FREE additional Skirmish Maps and “The Rising Sun” Expansion Pack to maximize your real-time strategy action.

Battle friends via local WiFi and Bluetooth Multiplayer. Play seamlessly with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Battle through 15 intense combat levels as the Soviets, Allies, or the Empire of the Rising Sun. Engage in Skirmish or Campaign Modes, and arm yourself with new and classic units.

Pic Stitch For iPhone

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