Monster Airlink Elements: Jewelry in Your Ear, Jewelry You Can Hear

Among the many headphones and wireless speakers that we saw at Monster’s CES booth, was a small display with three pairs of truly wireless in-ear headphones. They were all similar in style, but one set was aimed towards work-outs. The other two sets were what we were eyeing, though; one look at the Monster Airlink Elements, and we were smitten.

Monster Airlink Elements: Jewelry in Your Ear, Jewelry You Can Hear

What caught our eye was admittedly the flashy crystal embedded in each earpiece, but we also appreciated the in-ear headphones’ faceted, jewel-like appearance. Here’s the thing, the Monster Airlink Elements aren’t just pretty, they are actually made to fit women’s ear canals; I usually can’t constantly wear in-ear headphones because they start to make my inner ear ache; even on the smallest flange, most are a bit too large for me. But the Airlink Elements fit inside my ear easily, felt secure, and they were quite comfortable to wear.

Monster Airlink Elements: Jewelry in Your Ear, Jewelry You Can Hear

The Monster Airlink Elements are sweat resistant, so you can wear them out on the town or while working out. The right earpiece is the one that engages in calls, and Monster says that they employ a high-quality microphone with an echo-free mic for clarity on both sides. You can use Siri or voice control to control your phone wirelessly, and the headphones feature MonsterTalk Powered by Melody; I talk about that for a moment in the video below.

Monster Airlink Elements: Jewelry in Your Ear, Jewelry You Can Hear

You can expect 4 hours of battery life if you have the headphones on continuous play, but — their charging case acts as a portable battery, too. With it, you can get up to 16 hours total.

Have you ever lost one of your in-ear headphones or worse — both of them? Well, the Monster Airlink Elements will have Tile tracking built into each earpiece! Hopefully, that will solve any issues with forgetfulness. But even better, Monster will be working with an insurance partner to ensure that if you do lose one (and Tile can’t find it), you won’t have to buy an entirely new set. Valentines Day is coming, and these would be an exceptional gift, right?

Watch our video, and let us know what you think.

The Monster Airlink Elements Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones will be available soon; it looks like they’ll retail for $249.99, and you can keep an eye out for them here.

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