Wrapsol Ultra Hybrid Wet/Dry Combination Film Protection Kit Review

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There are a number of protective films for the iPad from which to choose. We’ve written quite a bit about Bodyguardz, Zagg and ClearCoat, but if you are in the market for this kind of protection, there is another film worth considering — Wrapsol. I’ve used Wrapsol’s products before and had a mixed experience with the application process; this time out however, everything went smoothly, and the result… well the result is excellent protection!

Let’s take a look at the Wrapsol Ultra Hybrid, and why you might want to consider it for your new iPad!


From the company:

Wrapsol makes the easiest to apply and strongest protective film technology for mobile devices. Made from advanced high strength polyurethane and featuring a 100% dry application process that clears air bubbles and uses fingerprint-eliminating patent-pending Application Handles for the perfect fit, Wrapsol’s transparent and astonishingly thin protective film installs in an instant and helps prevent everyday dings, dents and scratches, while preserving touchscreen brilliancy and sensitivity. Every Wrapsol product is engineered and made in the USA.

Durable, transparent and astonishingly thin, it provides damage, wear + tear protection for off-the-counter and out-of-pocket falls, as well as from keys, sand, dirt, and other daily wear and tear without adding bulk or changing the looks of your device.

Wrapsol ultra uses a new dry application process that’s 87% faster than the original Wrapsol: simply align the film, tack it down, smooth it on. The repositionable film releases air bubbles for a smooth application, every time.

Your Wrapsol ultra comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, in recycled, reusable and 100% recyclable packaging, with everything you need for an easy application: optically clear, custom-cut films, soft, reusable, lint-free microfiber towelette non-marking, flexible, squeegee the easiest-to-follow instructions in the industry

Like the original Wrapsol, the Wrapsol ultra films are optically clear and come cut precisely to the curves, buttons, slots and ports of individual devices for a perfect, contour hugging fit that includes corner, side and slide out protection that preserves the original design of the device.

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The company offers a number of products and while all have the same basic premise — keeping your devices protected in the thinnest and lightest way possible — they do offer some key differences. Here are the three current lines:

Wrapsol Ultra protective film wrap: the easiest to apply, strongest, smoothest and the most durable drop + scratch protection system you can get for your tablet device — without compromising its design integrity in any way. Made from advanced high strength polyurethane and using a dry application process that actively releases air bubbles, Wrapsol Ultra installs in an instant and helps prevent everyday dings, dents and scratches, even damage from falls from up to 6 feet while preserving screen brilliancy and touch sensitivity.

Wrapsol Clean screen protector film: the easiest to apply and the most durable anti-glare + anti-fingerprint, impact + scratch protection system you can get for your tablet device — without compromising its design integrity in any way. Made from advanced high strength polyurethane and using a dry application process that actively releases air bubbles, Wrapsol Clean installs in an instant and helps prevent everyday screen damage, reduce smudges and cut screen glare while preserving touch sensitivity.

Wrapsol Original complete protective film wrap: uses our 14-mil optically clear scratch-proof screen protector film that preserves touch sensitivity and response, has virtually no “orange peel” texture, and is twice as strong as competing films. The back and sides use our matte finish body film that provides scratch-proof protection from keys, sand, concrete mishaps, and other daily wear and tear – while hiding imperfections, eliminating smudges and fingerprints, and enhancing grip.

I was sent the Ultra Hybrid version. It comes with both front and back protection, and each is applied in its own manner. The front protection is a dry application process. That means the film itself has the adhesive and one had better be extra careful lest dust get between it and the screen. I’ve never had much luck with a dry application screen protectors, but it went fairly well this time out. Still, I keep coming back to using the iPad with an unprotected screen since, it IS Gorilla Glass and I do use a case with screen protection 99% of the time. So I can take or leave the front protection. The back, however, is an entirely different story.

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The back portion of the system is a wet application process. That means you take the film and the included liquid, spray your fingers and the slightly sticky side of the film, and then carefully place the film on the CLEAN metal back of the iPad. I found that the Wrapsol system required far less liquid than other products, yet still allowed me to shift the film so that it laid out almost perfectly on the back of the iPad.

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I was also surprised to find how quickly and easily the corners, which are slit into a number of “fingers” to accommodate the curve of the back without bubbling, adhered to the iPad. In the past, other products have, in the past, required me to hold them down for more than a few minutes to avoid them rising up and not adhering.

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The result really impressed me. There were almost no bubbles and the few that were there are rapidly disappearing. (It can take up to 72 hours or so I am told.) I also like the feel of these films quite a bit. Some systems are almost rubbery and tacky to the touch. Not so here. In fact, the back film adds a bit of texture that is pleasant to hold AND adds some grip to an otherwise slippery device. In other words… I’m sold. Personally I would love the option to buy the back piece and the back piece only but that option is not currently available. Oh, and I also like the price. At Under $40 for both pieces it is excellent and affordable protection.

Details and ordering information can be found on the Wrapsol website.

MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Complete protection; Wet/Dry application process that even I was able to do properly; Back went on easily, cleanly and feels great

What Needs Improvement: I wish they offered a back-only option

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