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April 4, 2013 • Gear Bits

RokForm RokShield V3 for iPad mini First Look

RokForm RokShield

We met with RokForm at CES 2013 and were impressed by the products they had in the pipeline. In particular I was taken with the wide array of products they planned to release during 2013 for the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. The RokForm RokShield v3 Case Kit for iPad Mini was the real standout to my mind offering a terrific combination of style, function and protection. The case ships with an “easy-stick RMS” (remote mounting system and a 6 position KickStand for viewing, typing and browsing the web.

RokForm RokShield

The features of the case include

Six-sided protection

High impact polycarbonate

A removable outer, rubber bumper

Four integrated anti slip grips

And a wide variety of compatible, mountable accessories

Here’s a first look at the RokForm RokShield for iPad mini.

My first impressions of the RokForm RokShield for iPad mini are all quite positive. The case is protective, lets you use the iPad mini in a variety of different ways. The RMS lets you use it on a wall, the refrigerator or even the car. The stand is great for typing, viewing and a host of other functions on the go.  The RokForm RokShield is $59 and ships with the Remote Mount System (RMS), 6 position adjustable KickStand and RokGard screen protector. Learn more, check out the various color combinations and order yours here.

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