Save Big on Nomad Accessories During Their Black Friday Sale

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Nomad has emerged as one of our favorite tech accessory companies. We’ve reviewed everything from their cables to their Apple Watch bands to their wallets and have been impressed by pretty much all of them. This Black Friday they have some amazing items on sale and you can save up to 65%!

You can save 65% on some of their Carabiner cables and the USB to microUSB key ring that started it all. And if you have a Samsung S8 or S8 Plus you can also save 65% on their Leather Folio. The Nomad Caribiner’s hide a short cable and clip pretty much anywhere. They are a great way to always have a cable or two on hand.

You can save 50% on items such as Nomads Modern Strap for Apple Watch and their Leather case and Leather Folio for the iPhone 7/8 and 7)/8+. The Modern Strap is a beautiful leather strap that adds class to your Apple Watch.

You can save 35% on Nomad’s Charging Wallets, their Rugged Strap and their Leather case for the iPhone 6 and 6+. The Nomad Charging Wallet is a great way to keep your cages and money safe and organized AND keep your smartphone charged on the go. (Read my review.)

You can save 25% on Nomad’s Powerpack, Lightning Carabiner, Rugged Cable (Lightning) and their 3 and 5 port Charging Hub. I reviewed the PowerPack. It is rugged, powerful and has a Tile locator chip built into it. It is the external battery I keep in my bag! (Check out my review.)

Judie reviewed the Nomad 5 Port Charging Hub (read the review) and was impressed. I was so impressed that I went out and purchased one for myself.

Finally, you’ll save 15% on a range of accessories including some amazing cases for the iPhone X. You can check out our roundup of iPhone X cases here and keep an eye on this space for reviews of many in the next few weeks.

Also 15% off, are their Sport Strap for Apple Watch (read the review) and a host of their fantastic cables. The Sport Strap is the strap I’m using with my Apple Watch, and Judie and I are both all-in with Nomad’s cables. They are built to last and, especially in the case of the Nomad Universal Cables, rid you of the need to carry multiple cables when your devices require various tips. (Check Greg’s post out here.).

The Battery Cable has only one tip (Lightning) but is a brilliant way to make sure you don’t run out of juice on the go. (Read the review.)

There is a huge selection of items on sale with various savings for each. You’ll want to check them out for yourself but remember… Nomad products make fantastic gifts too. So get shopping!

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