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February 5, 2013 • Reviews

Speck CandyShell Grip for iPad mini Review

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Speck’s CandyShell line of cases is tremendously popular and, I suspect, profitable. The cases are simple, don’t include extras like a screen protector and they come at a bit of a price premium. I’m not a huge fan but people seem to really like the line. As a result, Speck seems to release a few CandyShell designs for pretty much every major Apple device. We already looked at the basic CandyShell design for the iPad mini. This time out we are taking a look at the CandyShell Grip. The Grip melds two materials into one case and not only adds to the visual interest but it offers an added degree of tactile feel to an otherwise slippery design.

The iPhone version of the Grip has loyal followers that includes… Elana. Yes, Elana has a CandyShell Grip on her iPhone 4S and loves it. In fact, I have attempted to get her to try a number of different cases over the past few months but she is not interested. More than once the (annoying refrain of) “Got Grip” has been heard as she held her CandyShell Grip encased iPhone up. Were she to get an iPad mini I have no doubt she would want this case on her tablet! Here’s our video look. Like the basic CandyShell for iPad mini this case comes with no extras and is priced over $40. I don’t see it as a particularly good value but if you want a protective case that has extra grippiness this just might be the right case for you. Here’s a look.

You can learn more and order yours here at


What I Like:Great grip; Visually interesting; Available in four color combinations

What Needs Improvement:No screen protector included; No way to use a SmartCover with it; A bit pricey for what it is

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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