BCO Skins, The New Skin Kids on the Block

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BCO Skins, The New Skin Kids on the Block Listen to this article


There are numerous companies currently producing decorative and protective skins for electronic devices. In fact, it is a fairly crowded market and anyone seeking to enter it had better have a great product, superb customer service, and a steel backbone – because it won’t be an easy ride.

BCO Skins, a new kid on the block, recently reached out to Judie and me. Here’s the thing, we’ve worked with a number of different companies including some of the “big guys” like Bodyguardz and Zagg and we’ve always been quite happy with their various offerings. (We’ve also bought skins from companies that disappointed us – most recently Judie bought some skins for her HTC Titan and found them to be complete and total crap.) But something about these newcomers caught our eye and we began an e-mail discussion with them.

We asked how they got into the business and they told us:

Basically we grew organically, I started making some stuff for myself, then friends and they liked it so much they have told their friends and it just keeps on growing.

We tried to do a lot of research on our competition not only what was out there and ways to be different but also how to make a difference. As we continue to grow and get more customers we are hoping to do a monthly charity that customers get to vote on. We are based out of Tampa, FL and all of our products are made in the USA with locally sourced materials.

For a small company they have quite a few different offerings.


Wood grain!


Camo Skins!!

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Mirrored Chrome Skins!! and the list goes on.

Among the things that impressed us were–

-Their story about starting small and making skins for themselves and then looking to build a larger business based on that.

– The fact that, in the initial email, they told us they wanted to share a few skins with us, “if not for a review then simply because we would love your feedback on how we might make our product better.” (And there was something about the way this was written that actually had us believing they truly wanted the feedback.)

-Their lifetime replacement policy. As they explain,

“Our skins are extremely durable but sometimes crazy things happen. So we offer lifetime replacements on all of our BCO skins for any reason at all. All you have to do is follow our simple 3 step process. We will replace your skins with the exact same model / color of BCO skins for as many times as you like. We have your back!”

– And we especially liked the “Hero discount which essentially is 50% off for any active military, police, or firemen.” (Yes, it may be a gimmick but it’s a pretty awesome gimmick!)

Oh, and there was one final aspect of their products that caught our eye…


They have glow in the dark skins! Yes, I know what you are thinking, “What’s the big deal about glow in the dark skins?” While I wouldn’t personally use them but I do think it’s a pretty cool concept.

Anyway, we have a few different skins on the way but while we are waiting why don’t you jump over to the company website and check out what they’ve got going on.

We’ll be back with some reviews and, if we are lucky, maybe even a few giveaways soon!

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