DRACOdesign CLEAVE CRYSTAL Bumper for iPhone 4/4S review


So you love the look of those fancy aluminum-frame designed iPhone cases but don’t love the added weight or the impact they can have on the iPhone’s signal strength. Well good news… DRACOdesign’s CLEAVE CRYSTAL Bumper for iPhone 4/4S offers the same great style in a plastic case that is light and has zero (ZERO!) impact on your phone’s signal.

Let’s take a look.


From DRACOdesign:

This crystal edition iphone4/4S bumper, CLEAVE, is an extension of DRACO IV. By using polycarbonate as base material, the bumper is hard on the surface to prevent from scratch with elasticity around the frame of the bumper for shock absorption to protect your iPhone4/4S.

CLEAVE weights only 9 gram while keeping the same aesthetics and mechanics design ingredients of DRACO IV. The amazing contours and curve lines of CLEAVE is a masterpiece of craftsmanship with ergonomics engineering design.

Gear Diary Crystal 011


For all versions of iPhone4 and iPhone4S

Weight only 9 gram and materialized in polycarbonate

Ergonomics grip design

Designed in Japan

Gear Diary Crystal 001

The case itself is simple a plastic bumper. It comes in two pieces with the dock-connector opening framed in two strips of surprisingly strong plastic.

Gear Diary Crystal 002

The case wraps tightly around the iPhone and is then screwed into place.

Gear Diary Crystal 003

When I first got the case I neglected to see this tiny silent-toggle cover. That was a mistake because I put the case on and then was frustrated by just how difficult it was to access the toggle. Of course it was since I didn’t put the case on properly!

It is a tiny, but important piece that comes in the bag with the screws and the wrench.

Gear Diary Crystal 005

The frame goes around the iPhone and then the tiny screws get tightened. Be warned, the screws are small and it takes some patience to get them lined up and secured. I dropped them three times in the process. Once this task is accomplished however the case is nice and secure on the iPhone.

Gear Diary Crystal 007

The CLEAVE CRYSTAL Bumper for iPhone 4/4S has an unusual shape that adds visual interest while actually making the squared, sharp-angled case more comfortable to hold. It doesn’t protect the back of the screen of the iPhone, and it doesn’t offer any lay-on-the-table protection, but it does protect the sides while making it easier than ever to hold the device. I did, however, notice a tiny bit of play in the phone after using the bumper for a while. It was never in danger of coming out but there was movement between the phone and the case that was a bit odd. It is not a problem but it is something worth noting if this is a style of case you tend to like

The DRACOdesign CLEAVE CRYSTAL Bumper for iPhone 4/4S is available directly from DRACOdesign. Details and ordering can be found here on the company site. Order here.

MSRP: $30

What I Like: Light; No impact on signal; Unusual-looking; Makes gripping the iPhone more comfortable

What Needs Improvement: No screen or back protection; Some “play” between the case and the iPhone

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