Naztech Alloy Advanced Magnetic Earphones Deliver

I am a huge fan of wireless earphones. One issue I often have with these products is what to do with them when not wearing them for a bit. Naztech has addressed this problem with the Alloy Advanced Magnetic Earphones. The $69.99 earphones add a new twist to wearing wireless, Bluetooth earphones. Let’s take a look.

The Naztech Alloy Advanced Magnetic Earphones utilizes magnetic sensors that allow users to lock together to store around the neck and turn them on and off quickly and easily.

Naztech Alloy Advanced Magnetic Earphones Deliver

The Alloys are Bluetooth earphones which are connected by a single wire. It includes an inline microphone with audio controls and they work just like most wired earphones. The metal design creates a rugged and light product. I found these earphones to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The audio controls allow volume adjustments, track controls and can take calls. With 5 hours of playtime and 150 hours of standby, the Alloy earphones should have no trouble getting users through multiple days in between charging.

Naztech Alloy Advanced Magnetic Earphones Deliver

The magnetic sensors are fantastic. Not only do they help keep the earphones hang around your neck, but they also will pause or play music and answer and end calls. I left the earphones on my neck for an entire Sunday while working in the yard and around the house. While I was working I listened to music or podcasts but also interacted with my family throughout the day and took several phone calls. Being able to simply let the magnets connect and hang was super convenient.

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